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From: Karen Weinberg

Author, "Window of Time"

The article you did was excellent (" 'Window of Time' is window of opportunity for author," The Carroll County Sun, Sept. 1, 1991).

You write so well. Thanks for taking the time to do it.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Delegate Richard C. Matthews, R-Carroll, said he will reintroduce legislation to keep a public record of sentences imposed by each Appeals, Circuit and District Court judge for serious and violent crimes. His proposal requires the Administrative Office of the Courts to compile and maintain a register (available to the public) that contains a record of sentences: for the Court of Appeals, votes on death penalty cases; for Circuit Court, the sentence imposed for crimes of violence in non-jury trials; for District Court, the sentence imposed for drunken driving offenses. We have been asking readers if they agree with the proposal, why or why not, whether more types of crimes should be included in the bill and what their thoughts are on sentencing. Here are some of the replies we received:

From: Gene Edwards


Yes, and it should cover civil cases as well.

We have a right to see the kinds of judgments these people have.


From: John L. Engel


I agree. The judicial system is very sick.

This will be a good prescription to eliminate some of the sickness.

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