Three men have been charged with theft after county police uncovereda "mini-Hechinger" in the home of a Brooklyn man Thursday.

VictorWayne Lynch, 24, of the 3900 block of Brooklyn Avenue in Brooklyn, and Michael Anthony Clark, 21, of the 3900 block of Hanover Street in Baltimore, have been charged with felony theft. Charges are pending against Allen Scott Jackson, 27, of the 3800 block of Second Street inBrooklyn, police said.

According to investigators, officers spotted a 1988 Chevrolet pickup truck on Hilltop Road in Pasadena that led them to Jackson's home, which was full of home-improvement materials.

Police found unused lumber, concrete block and dozens of sheets of plywood stored in the yard after an off-duty Baltimore policeman saw two men unloading the materials from a truck into the house, said Sgt. Emerson Davis.

As police arrested Lynch and Clark, who were in the truck with what police believe was stolen lumber, Davis said the Baltimore officer called county police and told them what he saw at Jackson's home.

Inside the house, police found four ovens, three refrigerators, a microwave oven, 35 boxes of kitchen cabinets, more than a dozen patio doors, a half-dozen interior doors and windows of various sizes.

"The ranges were still in cartons," Davis said. "We come up with $28,000 worth of stuff. Atrium doors and Anderson windows are expensive; they hit the high-profile stuff."

"You could build a couple houses with the stuff here," he said. "The second-floor bedroom was just stacked with stuff. We had a heck of a time getting it down the steps and outof the house."

Davis said police believe the thefts have been going on for about six months.

"He (Jackson) buys the property from the other guys (who) go out and steal it," Davis said. "He doesn't do his own stealing. But he provides the truck," Davis said.

"The majority of it was stored before it was shipped out and sold again," Davis said. "It's probably the beginning and middle part of a ring."

Davis said the investigation is continuing and there could be more arrests. He said Jackson will be formally charged early next week.

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