Dear Stadium Doctor:Buying tickets to future games...


Dear Stadium Doctor:

Buying tickets to future games can be difficult and expensive, as telephone lines are often busy and a service charge is added to each ticket. At the ballpark, you must wait in long lines.

Has any thought been given to installing automatic teller-type outlets in the new stadium? They could be credit-card activated, and, if they were placed at the entrance to each section, customers could buy tickets throughout the game.

Gary E. Bair

Ellicott City

Dear Gary:

Thanks for writing with this outstanding idea. It is so novel I decided to steal it from you, passing it off as something I'd come up with recently while performing an emergency tonsillectomy.

I telephoned Bruce Hoffman, explaining my brainstorm and asking whether the Baltimore Orioles or the Maryland Stadium Authority had looked into an automatic ticket dispenser. I suggested a small retainer if the idea were accepted, say half of Glenn Davis' salary.

Hoffman, stadium authority executive director, let me down easy, saying he did not think a computer ticket office was likely. He did say there would be as many as four ticket booths scattered around the ballpark, so buying tickets shouldn't be a

big problem.

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