* DON SHULA, COLTS HEAD COACH, 1963-69: "I had a lot of great moments in Memorial Stadium and I shared a lot of victories with so many great players. I was privileged to coach people like Unitas, Berry, Moore and so many others, but what set the Colts apart from other teams was the unique relationship we had with our fans.

"It was a special feeling to play in Memorial Stadium. There was no greater thrill for me than coming out on the field right before kickoff and hearing those cheers, and it left me with memories I will never forget."

* AUGIE WAIBEL, POLY FOOTBALL COACH: "I remember the first time I coached in the stadium for Poly, and we lost, 20-16, to [City and coach] George Young, who is now president of the New York Giants. My first win was in 1970 when we defeated City College, 6-0.

"Even now, our youngsters look forward to playing there because they know that the pros played there. When you look up on that giant scoreboard and see 'Welcome to the 104th Poly-City game,' it still gives me goose pimples, and I've been doing it for 25 years."

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