Around the house* Wipe a small amount...


Around the house

* Wipe a small amount of baby oil on a clean, dry stainless-steel sink. This will make it resistant to water-spots and will give the sink a shine.

* Spray fabric protector on new ties to help repel spills. This will prevent several trips to the drycleaner.

* Check vacuum cleaner bags often. Replace disposable bags regularly and make sure cloth bags are emptied routinely to run appliance efficiently. If dirt scatters from the machine, check the beater bar and belt for possible malfunction.

* Clean natural or stained wood floors quickly. Dip a mop or clean cloth into cold tea; wring thoroughly; mop a small area at a time, wiping dry before moving on to next spot.

* Switch around draperies at least once a year to avoid wear and tear from the sun.Areas of fabric are constantly exposed to the sun's rays will deteriorate quickly.

* Deodorize clothing that smells like cigarette smoke. Hang suits and dresses on hangers and suspend a sheet of laundry softener (the kind that is dispensed on a roll) from each hanger hook. Cover garments with a plastic bag and let hang overnight to remove odors.

In the garden

* Prune deciduous shrubs, if needed. Remove old bushes that have become overgrown and unsightly. Replace with healthy new ones.

* Divide summer-blooming varieties of perennials that have grown too large. Blooms will increase on the new plantings within a few years.

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