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Olde Philadlphia Inn

Olde Philadelphia Inn, 9510 Philadelphia Road, White Marsh, 687-5757. There is nothing old or inn-like about the Olde Philadelphia Inn. It is, instead, a large informal shopping center restaurant with a varied menu. The appetizers are strong, but the entrees weak in taste and quality. The homemade onion rings and fried cheese were delicious. The salads that came with dinner were unusually ambitious, but the entrees were uneven. The seafood platter, for instance, featured great scallops, but only a mediocre crab cake and scampi and an unpleasant shrimp salad. The accompanying fried eggplant had a hard, bitter coating. Children are welcomed with crayons and balloons and a separate menu. $ 1/2 moderately inexpensive. (Last visited 8/91.) Sam's Waterfront Cafe, 2020 Chesapeake Harbour Drive, Annapolis, (301) 263-3600. It's not as deliciously raffish as it sounds -- this is Annapolis, after all -- but what Sam's lacks in seedy charm it makes up for in serene loveliness. Now managed by spa-cuisine pioneers Michael and Cindy Dalesio, this lighthouse-style marina restaurant (formerly Dominique's) offers a mostly seafood menu with lively Mediterranean accents. And there are chocolate truffles for dessert. $$moderate. (Last visited 9/91.)

LYNN WILLIAMS Weber's on Boston, 845 S. Montford Ave., 276-0800. It's busy and noisy now, so wait to go, but before the bloom is off (unless it's a perennial), find your way to Weber's for a casual, inexpensive meal in an old pub attractively done up and cheerfully, raucously welcoming. We weren't wild about Thai spring rolls, hot crab dip, or an oddly sauced plate of mahi mahi, but we'd go back for lager and cheese soup, Greek salad with sliced flank steak, a sandwich of bacon, tomato, crab and cheese, or the fabulous French fries. $$moderate. (Last visited 8/91.)


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