Adding some punch to the lineupWorld heavyweight...


Adding some punch to the lineup

World heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield is offering to help -- jokingly -- the Braves from his hometown of Atlanta become baseball world champions.

In a note to Braves president John Schuerholz, Holyfield, who will defend the title against Mike Tyson on Nov. 8, wrote that he was impressed by Deion Sanders' decision to help the Braves while playing for the football Falcons.

". . . I am sure that I could fit in a few trips to the plate as a pinch 'hitter.' " he wrote. "After all, I've been working very hard on my 'hitting' lately."

Handoffs were no problem

Quarterback Jim Harbaugh of the Chicago Bears says he thinks his teammates are more confident in his throwing than they used to be. According to Bob Verdi of the Chicago Tribune, Harbaugh "can remember bygone team meals when fellow Bears had to think twice before asking him to pass the salt and pepper."

The quote

New York Mets announcer Ralph Kiner trying to segue into a commercial during his post-game show: "We'll be back with Mets baseball right after this season is over."

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