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School closingsI am distressed and saddened over...


School closings

I am distressed and saddened over the closing of many Maryland schools due to the 90-degree temperatures on Sept. 17. Had it been the first day of school, would the schools have been closed? I think not.

Are the educators subtly trying to convince the taxpayer to go yet another mile and install air conditioning in all schools? Our children's educations should not be used as a pawn. Ultimately, the children lose.

Early closings also send a message to the students. "If we get the least bit uncomfortable in life, we can quit." They are being taught they can just pack it in whenever they think they can't cope. Is this what we want of our future citizens and leaders?

Let's teach our children what they need and instill in them a work ethic that says, "Quitters don't win."

Mary C. Lambert

Havre de Grace

Hollinger plan faulted on growth issue

I am writing to express my outrage with the "Hollinger' plan for redistricting in northwest Baltimore County. The plan, which has no support from any of the communities affected, segments Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Glyndon and the Liberty Road corridor from present districts and places them in an unnatural environment.

District 10, which is largely open space, has a keen interest in land use issues. We have nothing in common with the Pikesville area, which is concerned with dense population issues and revitalization.

I am particularly distraught that such a proposal should be based in, if not blamed on, the Jewish community. In truth, Pikesville's representatives do not want to share representation with a more diverse community. The Liberty Road corridor will have a minority representative elected in 1994. Sen. Paula Hollinger and others appear to want only a Jewish constituency, since that is their rationale for their movement into the Owings Mills area.

As an active member of the Jewish community in the 10th District, I resent this ploy to use religion and ethnicity to justify a redistricting plan. The Jews in the 10th District are growing and flourishing. They want to provide a second, more diverse community base for future political leadership and growth.

This is not a Jewish issue, and I abhor it being presented as such. But for those who insist on using it to their perceived advantage, the Jews in the 10th District plan to encourage and elect future legislators who will complement and expand current Jewish leadership. We have strength through numbers, but by passing the Hollinger plan we stifle the expansion of additional Jewish representation in Maryland politics.

Martin D. Hyatt


Aiding the enemy?

In the war against drugs, no one seems to have noticed that the vast majority of cocaine processing chemicals are American-made. Tankers leave Dallas for Cartagena, Colombia, carrying thousands of tons of methyl-ethyl-ketone. In this country this chemical is used to manufacture rubber cement. In Colombia it is used to process cocaine.

We are allowing American corporations to make millions supplying these chemicals to the cocaine lords. Isn't it about time we closed this gap in the war against drugs?

Howard H. Green


Gates unqualified

Does it make any sense to confirm a man as CIA director when he was only vaguely aware of the greatest agency scandal of the 1980s -- Iran-contra -- and didn't even bother to pursue the little bit of information he had? Most people who are shown to be ignorant and ineffectual in their previous job would be fired, not -- kicked upstairs for a promotion.

Laura Puls

Forest Hill

Fighting back

The recent turbulence in Crown Heights, N.Y., brings to mind an old adage: "The problem is not the Jew-hater, but the Jew."

What is needed is a change in Jewish psychology and the way Jews look at weapons. Jews must be made to understand that in a world where nations master the art of shooting, Jewish survival depends upon Jewish knowledge of the same, and on the Jew-haters knowledge that the Jew possesses that knowledge.

If Jews really love peace and desire tranquility, then young Jewish men and women must learn to shoot. Let the anti-Semites realize and understand that when they move to trample Jews, it is they who will be trampled.

Jews who defend other Jews with violence are right, for that is the only language that the enemy understands.

Jack Vineberg


Eckernomic fallout

Your Sept. 19 editorial about Charles Ecker's plans to turn Howard County into an imitation of Fairfax County ("Eckernomics theory") brings to mind that wonderful phrase from the Vietnam War: "It became necessary to destroy the village to save it."

What Ecker is proposing will not only change the nature of our county, it will also make it just another overcrowded, undesirable subdivision.

Charles A. Aston

Ellicott City

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