Painter Cornelia Foss seeks realism through cubist lens



515 N. Charles St. Cornelia Foss: New Paintings

To view many of this artist's works is to enter her studio, with its carefully placed open books, plates of fruit, vases of Casablanca lilies and a view out the window. Always working from life, Cornelia Foss paints what gallery owner Steven Scott ,, calls "soft focus expressive realism": With rich, urgent brush strokes in a palette of blues, she creates relaxing vistas full of great energy. Gerrit Henry, contributing editor for Art News (who wrote the exhibit catalog essay) calls these works "cubo-painterly" for their reverence to the cubist ethos of the picture plane. Through Nov. 2. Call 752-6218.

Drawing his inspiration from the great Impressionists, the artist paints landscapes and still lifes with a rich, broad palette, always with a -- of purple visible somewhere.

This show of 34 pieces, Mr. Frazier's first in the area in eight years, opens tomorrow with a gala reception to benefit the American Heart Association.

A $25 tax deductible donation will be taken at the door. Through October. Call 269-0218.


1809 Reisterstown Road. Wood furnishings by Doug and Terri Phillips

"Whimsical, yet functional" is the way these Florida artists describe their vibrantly painted creations, which range from chairs to mirrors to bookshelves.

In a gallery statement, Ms. Phillips says she and her husband draw their inspiration from life with five cats, two dogs and a young son: "Our goal is to create zany functional pieces that will make people smile just to use." Through Oct. 31. Call 486-9785.

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