Ruddock-Bowe bout denied by manager


Riddick Bowe, just elevated to the No. 2 heavyweight contender's ranking by the World Boxing Council, is not signed to fight Donovan "Razor" Ruddock.

"There is absolutely no fight," Rock Newman, Bowe's manager, said yesterday. "It is a 100 percent figment of Murad Muhammad's warped imagination."

Murad Muhammad, Ruddock's promoter, said Wednesday that an agreement had been reached on the fight, but not the site.

* Fernie Morales has come out of a four-day coma and his condition has improved significantly, a spokesman at John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Indio, Calif., said. However, Briton Michael Watson, also felled in a Saturday title fight, remained critically ill on a life-support machine in London with doctors concerned over swelling in his brain.

Meanwhile, Dr. Robert Karns, assigned to work the Morales-Orlando Canizales IBF bantamweight title fight, told the Los Angeles Times that Morales, who had a blood clot on his brain removed after the bout, tested positive for alcohol in his urine and might have been legally drunk during the bout.

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