Young Amy McSwaimy McMonkey Muldoon

wanted to know how to draw a cartoon.'Come here, come closer,'

I said with a wink,

'Drawing these things aren't as hard as you think'

'Cause the honest truth is '

I didn't draw them at all.

A friend does them for me, I'll give him a call.

'YooHoo!"I shouted

'It's alright I'm here!'

Then suddenly a creature appeared from my EAR!

He jumped on the table

He brushed himself down,

Then said, 'For cartoons, I'm the best to be found.'

'I'm a Seuss' He declared,

Although, I'm short

I'm not short of ideas of the cartooning sort.

If it's help that is needed I'll give it quite gladly

To Brothers or Sisters or Mommies or Daddies.

'Flabberghasted! Astonished!

Said Amy 'What's more!

'I think I've seen that

Little creature before!

Yes I do! I know you!

Young Amy decreed,

Why your the chappie who taught me to read!

'The cat in the Hat!

Green eggs and ham!

The Lorax the Grinch!

Your're an amazing man!'

All smiley and smug he stood proud and tall.

(a feat for someone only three inches small)

'It's easy, he said,

I do is tickle your brain

With silliness, fun, and all things insane'

I think I can say without being extreme,

That the Seuss and thr brain make a might fine team.

"You laugh,you crackle,

You giggle, you shout

But its YOUR imagination that brought it about.'

Then back to my ear he went with a bounce

(which doesn't hurt much he weighs less than an ounce)

"So you see, young Amy,

Though the Dr. is gone,

His spirit lives on.

If it's joy that is needed,

He gives it quite gladly,

To Brothers,Sisters,Mommies and Daddies."


Dr. Seuss passed away yesterday.

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