50 Years Ago (week of Sept. 21-27,...


50 Years Ago (week of Sept. 21-27, 1941):

* The Public Service Commission denied the B&O; Railroad permission to discontinue seven passenger trains.

The commission stated that the trains on the No. 47 and No. 48 lines were the only remaining passenger trains serving Ellicott City and were the only forms of public transportation available to many people.

* Edgar W. Zepp of Clarksville lost livestock, farm buildings and an entire hay crop in a fire this week, despite the efforts of the Ellicott City and Sandy Spring fire companies and Zepp's neighbors.The fire was thought to have been the result of spontaneous combustion in Zepp's hay barracks. Damage was estimated at over $8,000.

25Years Ago (week of Sept. 18-24, 1966):

* The Canteen K-Go-Go opened this week on Main Street in Ellicott City. The canteen, which featured a jukebox and a snack bar, was established so that teens would have a place to socialize or study. An adult volunteer was to be on the premises at all times to provide supervision.

Private residents and local businesses provided both money and equipment to get the project off the ground.

* It was announced this week that a new branch of the Howard County Public Library would be opening at the corner of Baltimore and Foundry streets.

Information for this column was culled from the Howard County Historical Society's Library.

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