The Baltimore Board of Zoning Appeals yesterday effectively put a controversial Hawkins Point incinerator out of business.

Ruling thatMedical Waste Associates failed to meet standards for a medical waste incinerator and was in violation of city ordinances, the board refused to grant a use-and-occupancy permit.

The $26 million medical waste incinerator is located in South Baltimore, just over the Anne Arundel border. It was built one year ago.

Residents and environmentalists have been trying to have the incinerator shut down ever since it was proposed. After they discovered that Medical Waste Associates was bringing in out-of-state waste, the city took action.

A 1989 ordinance allowing the company to build the incinerator limited the operation to burning waste from hospitals in the city and Anne Arundel, Baltimore and Harford counties. In March, city officials slapped Medical Waste Associates with a violation notice for accepting waste from as far away as Maine.

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