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Teen power


Teen-agers not only follow fashion, they have powerful purchasing power.

* The average young American woman spends $2,594 of her own money each year, mostly on clothing and beauty aids. This amounts to $37 billion a year.

* Some 42 percent of American teens are employed. They earn an average of $254 a month in wages and allowance.

* Teens have become more affluent. About 44 percent carry credit cards. The number of teens owning cars tripled between 1977-1987. Seventeen percent own stocks and bonds. Eighty-five percent of teens say they have ordered merchandise through the mail, averaging more than four orders each.

* Back-to-school magazine issues sell the most copies, and August is the month teens spend the most money. 'TEEN magazine's September 1990 issue sold 1,217,645 copies and featured 95 advertising pages, the most ad pages sold in the magazine's 34-year history.

* Sassy magazine boasts that it has responsive readers: The editors received 451,944 pieces of mail during 1989 from readers, and the "Sassiest Girl in America" contest drew more than 58,000 responses during its first year. Sassy maintains mailing lists of teens who have responded to contests and special offerings.

Information taken from U.S. Census Bureau statistics, Seventeen magazine's 1989 retail survey, Seventeen's 1987 mail order and catalog survey, 'TEEN magazine's advertising package, and Sassy magazine's advertising package.

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