Wine festival winners RHC rxB


"The Wines of Maryland Cup" was presented to Catoctin Vineyards for its 1985 Cabernet Sauvignon at the Maryland Wine Festival, at a festival sponsored by the Association of Maryland Wineries. This was the first year for the award, which the Maryland vineyards plan to make an annual event.

The best blush wine award went to the Eye of the Oriole wine from Catoctin Vineyards. The best white hybrid award went to the 1990 Vidal blanc from Boordy Vineyards. The best non-grape wine award went to Barry Wine Peach from Liganore Wine Cellars. The best red hybrid award went to Fiore Winery for its 1989 Chambourcin. The best red vinifera went to Elk Run Vineyards for its 1988 Liberty Tavern Cabernet Sauvignon. The best white vinifera went to Basignani Winery for its 1990 Riesling. The best red hybrid blend was the 1989 Marisa from Basignani Winery.

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