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Edgemere family offers real drive-through service Private access road leads to business


Follow the double yellow lines on one Edgemere street and you'll end up in front of a gas pump.

That's because the street in eastern Baltimore County really isn't a street, even though it looks like a street and hundreds of motorists use it every day to get on and off Sparrows Point Boulevard.

"It's actually our parking lot," said Jim Narutowicz Sr., whose father, Michael, founded Micky's gas station, liquor store and other small businesses on both sides of North Snyder Avenue 55 years ago.

If it weren't for the short access extension to the boulevard, drivers on North Snyder Avenue would find themselves on a long circle back to Sparrows Point Road.

"It's the busiest thoroughfare in Edgemere except for the boulevard," said Mr. Narutowicz, a Towson resident. "We'll continue to let people use our parking lot for access to the boulevard."

Mr. Narutowicz said he had the yellow lines -- which follow a curving path from the road to the gas pumps -- painted last weekend as a gimmick to attract customers to the gas station.

The lines also attracted immediate publicity along with concerns that some motorist might well follow them until crashing into the gas pumps.

The thought of possible controversy led Mr. Narutowicz to reconsider yesterday. He said he plans to contact County Executive Roger B. Hayden for help. "He's a good guy and he's from the neighborhood."

Mr. Narutowicz said he would have the lines redrawn to go past the gas station. "I'll ask Roger to get the highway department to do it; they'll do it neater and straighter."

Police have received no complaints about the lines, although officers were sent to inspect the scene after a television station inquired about it, said Cpl. Donald Hansen, of the North Point Precinct.

Meanwhile, Mr. Narutowicz said, the gimmick is working: "It hasn't been bad for business."

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