Abortion not acceptable as birth controlI write...


Abortion not acceptable as birth control

I write concerning the Sept. 12 editorial, "Good questions."

I recently saw (at a major college campus in New Jersey, at that) a bumper sticker that read "Pro-Choice Pre-Conception, Pro-Life Post-Conception." I finally saw a bumper sticker on this thorny issue that I couldn't agree with more.

Knowing this, please respect that I cannot accept the concept that abortion is an acceptable form of birth control. I don't believe anyone can argue the fact that the overwhelming percentage of abortions occur simply because someone won't abstain from sex or is too lazy to take precautions to prevent a fetus from beginning life.

On reading the Sept. 12 Evening Sun, I was sickened to read that two men were shot to death in their home in a dispute over a 10-speed bike and that a gun shop owner was murdered in his store. I then turned to the editorial page and read your ludicrous editorial.

How can anyone in your position report such atrocities as the murders mentioned above - and then support the killings of innocent fetuses? If it's the right of every woman to kill a fetus, then why isn't it the right of everyone else to kill someone else over a bicycle?

Michael J. Joyce

Ellicott City

Just say no to Israel

I disagree with the Sept. 16 editorial, "A reasonable compromise." There is nothing reasonable about a $10 billion guaranteed loan to Israel - or to anyone else - whether Congress approves it is now or later. Israel, which already gets $5.1 billion in aid, is asking too much.

Last year, Congress agreed to send $400 million for the housing of Soviet refugees - on top of the money we had already loaned Israel. Now, $10 billion more? Is that reasonable when our own country is suffering through a recession, when our own national debt has soared past $3 trillion?

Our cities are struggling against bankruptcy. Our schools are short of space, teachers and books. Our homeless are without shelter and food for the coming winter. Our savings and loan bailout is costing millions more every day. Our own country's needs are seemingly endless - $10 billion more to Israel, now or later, is not reasonable. Congress should just say no.

S.M. McKee


Ravages of war

One may shudder with the thought of how much the ozone layer will have been depleted by Saddam Hussein's gift to humankind - those oil well fires. It seems strange that the media

make little mention of this horror.

Emil Antos


Learning to read

My frustration is born of the academic blindness that has been pervading our public schools for over four decades. Today's accent on raising high school standards is absurd. How can the student read to learn who hasn't learned to read? A layered structure can't be built without a first floor!

Effective methods of drill provide for beginning readers enjoyable success, self-confidence and a springboard to academic success. I strongly urge our new superintendent to set up a plan for our first-grade teachers to learn the techniques of long-overlooked vital drills: simple, easy-to-follow methods that will rebuild our school system.

Today's emphasis on money for public education is another absurdity. A well-prepared first-grade teacher with a blackboard, chalk and motivated students will establish comfortable success beginning reading.

I stress my adage through repetition:

G; Only the student who learns to read will read to learn!

Sylvia Michaelson

OC The writer is retired principal of Irvington Elementary School.

Gay rights, wrongs

Regarding Loretta Ducote's Sept. 13 letter, "No to gay rights': How can she see with her head planted so firmly in the sand?

Wake up. We are here, there and everywhere we want to be - with or without your endorsement. We are in your schools, your churches, your neighborhood, your workplace, your shops.

In her diatribe, Ducote states, "People are not born homosexual." If that is true, doesn't it follow that people are not born heterosexual? Isn't God the creator of heaven and Earth and all living things? You want to argue with God, Loretta? Do you think homosexuality is a learned skill?

Wake up, Loretta. We are here and living among you. Paying our taxes, doing our jobs, minding our business.

Don Vance


This is science

In the United States, a man who whips a horse faces a stiff penalty. But if he wants to find out, under the pretext of scientific research, how many blows are needed to kill a horse, he can club to death a hundred horses and reap admiration from his equals for doing it, for this is "science."



Bancorp hero

The end of the Baltimore Bancorp proxy fight with Edwin F. Hale as the victor could be summed up:

"Hale! The conquering hero!"

Jack Meckler


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