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BASKETBALL (NBA)* Sacramento Kings -- Traded Antoine...



* Sacramento Kings -- Traded Antoine Carr (forward) to the San Antonio Spurs for Dwayne Schintzius (center) and a second-round pick in the 1994 draft.


* Indianapolis Colts -- Placed Kerry Cash (tight end) on injured reserve.


* Buffalo Sabres -- Assigned Chris Snell (defenseman) to Rochester of the AHL.

* Chicago Blackhawks -- Assigned Roch Belley and Ray LeBlanc (goalies), Owen Lessard, Martin Desjardins, Tracy Egeland, Justin Lafayette, Sean Williams, Rob Conn, Craig Woodcroft, Shawn Byram, Zac Boyer, Dan Vincelette, Kevin St. Jacques, Trevor Dam, Phillip Crowe and Raymond Edwards (forwards) and Adam Bennett, Mike Dagenais, Mike Speer, Jeff Sirkka, Chris Norton, Jim Playfair and Cam Russell (defensemen) to Indianapolis of the International Hockey League. Released Bill Lacouture and Mike Tomlinson (forwards) and Steve Chelios and Joe Mittelstadt (defensemen).

* Edmonton Oilers -- Assigned Mike Greenlay and Eugeny

Belosheiken (goalies), Shjon Podein, Craig Fisher, Tomas Kapusta, Tim Tisdale, Dean Antos, Richard Borgo and David Haas (forwards) and Brad Werenka, Mario Barbe and Jason Soules (defensemen) to Cape Breton of the American Hockey League. Assigned Barry Nieckar and Trevor Converse (forwards) and Doug Greschuk (defenseman) to Winston-Salem of the East Coast Hockey League. Returned Alex Legault, Scott Allison, Joel Blain, Mario Nobili, Roman Mhralek and Mike Power to their junior teams. Released Jason Lafreniere (defenseman).

* Montreal Canadiens -- Assigned Gilbert Dionne and Patrick Lebeau (left wings) and Jesse Belanger and Paul DiPietro (centers) to Fredericton of the American Hockey League.

* New Jersey Devils -- Assigned Doug Dadswell, Chad Erickson, Mark Romaine, Corey Schwab (goalies), David Craievich, Kevin Dean, Chris Kiene, Petr Kuchyna, Chris Lipuma, Dean Malkoc (defensemen), Steve Cadieux, Jim Dowd, Ben Hankinson, Bill Huard, Kevin Kerr, Scott Luik, Daryn McBride, Kevin Riehl, Matt Ruchty, Jason Simon and Brian Sullivan (forwards) to Utica of the American Hockey League. Returned Martin Brodeur (goalie), Paul Wolanski (defenseman) and Donevan Hextall and Curt Regnier (forwards) to their junior teams. Returned Jaroslav Modry (defenseman) to Dukla Trencin of the Czechoslovakian League. Released Alex Roberts (defenseman).

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