Gibbs says cash bid will help Baltimore


HERNDON, Va. -- Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs thinks money talks in the NFL .

That's why he said yesterday that he thinks Malcolm Glazer's cash offer for a franchise has put Baltimore in a good position in the expansion derby.

"I saw where the Baltimore guy said he'll pay cash for it. They got the upper hand if he'll do that. If this league knows one thing, it's that [cash]," Gibbs said as he rubbed his fingers as if he had money in them.

The subject of expansion came up when Gibbs was talking about how tough it is to play in the NFC East. "Can we get moved? The only problem is that I wouldn't know what conference I'd want to go into," Gibbs said jokingly.

When it was suggested jokingly that he'd like to be in a division with both of the expansion teams, he launched into his discussion about how important money will be in the decision.

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