Howard will draft legislation to boost lower-priced housing


Developers would be allowed to build more houses than Howard County zoning permits, if some of the extra units are reserved for low-and moderate-income people under legislation to be introduced by the County Council chairman.

Chairman C. Vernon Gray, D-3rd, said yesterday that he has named a committee to draft "moderately priced dwelling unit" legislation to be introduced in November.

County Executive Charles I. Ecker said he favors "legislation along those lines" and has named Leonard S. Vaughan, the county's housing administrator, to the committee.

The committee, which will start work Thursday, will decide whether the participation in the program would be voluntary or mandatory, what size developments could participate and if the legislation would apply to rental as well as sale units.

Committee members are: John Brandenburg, president of Columbia Housing Corp.; David E. Forester, a Rouse Co. vice president and senior development director; Barbara Pert and Harriet Bachman of the Housing Alliance; Richard Boales, a real estate development consultant and a member of Howard County's Housing and Community Development Board; Mr. Vaughan; and three county attorneys.

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