Could he score his age?At least one...


Could he score his age?

At least one center is upset about the way the U.S. Olympic men's basketball team was selected. And can you blame the guy? Look at his credentials: He once averaged 50 points for a season, scored 100 in a single game, led the NBA in scoring, rebounds and assists during his career.

You may have heard of him -- Wilt Chamberlain. So what if he's 55?

"Who gave them the right to say that Wilt Chamberlain can't try out for the team if he wants to?" Chamberlain said. "It's ridiculous. Every other sport in the country holds trials, but not basketball."

Vast wasteland

The NHL season is starting soon, but the league still has no national television contract in the United States.

"Come on," said the league's most telegenic player, Wayne Gretzky. "You can't tell me our game isn't more exciting than bowling on a Saturday afternoon or women's golf. We can't get on TV? Somewhere, somebody is doing something wrong and they've got to make changes."

That somebody in charge, NHL president John Ziegler, doesn't seem too concerned about the situation.

"Broadcasting is not a critical item to our business," Ziegler said.

The quote

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Dan Plesac, on his conversation with his mother after giving up a 520-foot home run to the Detroit Tigers' Cecil Fielder: "I said, 'Yeah, it just barely went over the fence.' I didn't tell her it was the back fence."

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