Next time, try dry shampooDaniel Burnson, 12,...


Next time, try dry shampoo

Daniel Burnson, 12, knows a thing or two about bathing chickens.

So when people suddenly started "oohing" and "ahhing" during his 4-H chicken-cleaning demonstration at the Western Washington Fair in Tacoma last week, he had no idea something had gone horribly wrong.

Daniel had unwittingly allowed his sultan chicken to drown in a punch bowl full of soapy water.

But faster than you can say chicken cacciatore, 4-H exhibition judge Sherry Milligan saved the day and the bird's neck.

Ms. Milligan grabbed the limp chicken, opened its beak and performed what witnesses described as mouth-to-beak resuscitation.

A moment later, the chicken squawked to life.

Getting a c-ash advance

A man who pleaded guilty to stealing a bank machine with a forklift said he and a friend burned some of their loot while trying to crack the automated teller's safe with a blowtorch.

Wayne Walker Jr., 32, pleaded guilty last week to bank burglary. Co-defendant James Anthony, 31, is to appear in court Oct. 3.

They used a forklift to demolish the concrete enclosure housing the 1,700-pound bank machine and about $16,000 at the First Seneca Bank, federal prosecutors said.

Mr. Walker said they drove the safe to his house in a Pittsburgh suburb and used a torch to open it, but "we burned a lot of the money cutting the door open."

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