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President Mike

Bears coach Mike Ditka is taking his Operation Ditka Storm poster rather seriously. On the latest Persian Gulf situation, Ditka had some advice for the president.

"If you let the liberals of the world control it, we wouldn't go into Alabama. If we do what's right, we might have to go back in there [Iraq] and slap him around a little bit," he said.


Imagine Saddam Hussein saying, "Who is this Mike Ditka?"

Don LT

Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor didn't seem to take it too seriously after it was disclosed that he testified before a state commission in Trenton, N.J., on Aug. 26 about possible organized-crime ties to his sports bar and restaurant in New Jersey.

"I didn't know they let blacks into the Mafia, but, hell, I'd feel honored," he said.


After a radio station lampooned Sam Wyche's remarks that there were golf and tennis to play and offered free tee time and court time to listeners at 1 p.m. today, the Bengals coach walked into a news conference Wednesday with an orange drink in his hand.

Wyche "accidentally" spilled his drink on the station's microphone. He said he was sorry, but didn't seem too sincere about it. When Lions coach Wayne Fontes was asked about the danger that Barry Sanders could be overworked after carrying 32 times last week, he said: "John McKay used to say about O.J. Simpson that the ball isn't very heavy. Barry loves it. He's running, not blocking. Barry would rather run than block."

The St. Louis-Phoenix Cardinals

The Cardinals are in their fourth season in Phoenix, but they're not forgotten in St. Louis.

The first two weeks of the season, the Phoenix Cardinals went head-to-head on television against the St. Louis baseball Cardinals.

The Phoenix Cardinals got better ratings.

If they want to watch the Phoenix Cardinals, maybe they don't need a new football team.

Commitment to mistakes

In the first home game of the year, the Raiders spelled Todd Marinovich's last name as "Marinouich" on the back of his jersey. Although the mistake was pointed out in several newspapers, the Raiders didn't bother to correct it in the second home game.

Whistling past the graveyard

Even though the Chargers are 0-3, coach Dan Henning sees a silver lining in the cloud.

"I understand that people think we don't have a chance because all of a sudden we're 0-3 and we have a tough schedule. Well, I don't think there are any great football teams out there."

8, There's certainly not one in San Diego.

Tough cheerleaders

Bob Golic of the Raiders on the team's mystique: "I'll tell you when the mystique starts. It starts [when the opposing players are] coming down out of the tunnel and onto the field. The Raiderettes are intimidating. I mean, these are some good-looking women, but they're tough-looking, too. I mean, you've got those babes staring at you, and you're going, 'Oh, geez.' It looks like some of them could beat you up."

Who wants a Chargers cap anyway?

The Chargers ordered 62,000 caps for Cap Day last week, but they barely had enough, even though only 44,804 fans showed up. That's because when the shipment came, 8,000 of the caps were for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Meeting old friends

With Bill Belichick, the former Giants defensive coordinator who's now coaching the Browns, ready to come into Giants Stadium today, the Giants are wary.

"It's like going to battle against yourself," veteran defensive back Everson Walls said. "He's so sneaky. He was sneaky when he was here. I bet he's gotten sneakier now. Nobody thought he was going to have any kind of a team over there, but he fooled them. You've got to be sneaky to do that."

Some players later said that Belichick drilled them to fake cramps in the Super Bowl and kick the ball off the line of scrimmage to slow down Buffalo's no-huddle offense.

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