Sandwisch still starter, but two other QBs play


-- COLLEGE PARK -- Even though three quarterbacks played in Maryland's 37-7 loss to West Virginia at Byrd Stadium yesterday, there will be no quarterback controversy for the Terps.

Senior Jim Sandwisch still is No. 1.

"Everyone felt that after this week, his shoulder and arm are going to be OK," said Maryland coach Joe Krivak. "I felt that if he recovers, he is going to be a guy that is going to play a lot. Jimmy is still the starter."

Sandwisch, a senior who started the first two games, didn't start yesterday's because of a sore right elbow and shoulder. He came on to replace junior John Kaleo in the first minute of the second quarter.

Sandwisch later was replaced by redshirt freshman Tony Scarpino with 6:34 left. Sandwisch finished with 11 completions in 19 attempts for 71 yards. Kaleo was only 1-for-3 for 36 yards, including a 35-yard touchdown pass to receiver Richie Harris in the first quarter. Scarpino was 5-for-10 for 36 yards in his first college game.

But while Krivak has named Sandwisch his starter, Kaleo, the All-American from Montgomery College-Rockville, may have suffered a bruised ego yesterday.

Kaleo said he was on the phone with quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator Jerry Eisaman right before the offense was about to go on the field early in the second quarter and Eisaman said he was still playing.

But according to Kaleo, as he was about to jog on the field, he saw Sandwisch going on. Kaleo said Krivak never told him he was being benched, and didn't say anything to him after the game.

"I had no idea," said Kaleo. "I guess the quarterback situation is still up in the air. I felt great, real excited about running the offense. I couldn't sleep all night. We come out and run the ball, then we score and I think it's going to be a nice game for Maryland.

"Then I'm out. Anybody who has been in my position has to know how I felt."

Sandwisch said: "I feel bad for John. I wanted him and the team to do well. It was Coach Krivak's decision, and he does what he thinks is best for the team."

Asked why he didn't use 6-foot-3, 210-pound true freshman Scott Milanovich, about whom he had raved during the week, Krivak said: "I never gave a thought to putting him in. I had gone through that in my own mind throughout the week and I had met with the doctors and I had talked with Jimmy. With Scott, you don't send him out there to play 30 or 40 plays and blow a redshirt year. You send him out there if you're going to use him for a while."

* Randallstown High true freshman Larry Washington played yesterday for the first time this season. Washington, 5-11, 198 pounds, rushed one time for 2 yards. He returned two kickoffs for 42 yards with the longest of 30.

* Mike Beasley, the former Maryland tailback who came back yesterday as a West Virginia flanker, was pleased with the greeting he received from fans at Byrd Stadium.

"I didn't hear, 'Beasley, you stink,' " he said. "They said, 'Welcome home.' That's what I expected from the classy people here. I feel bad for Maryland's players."

He didn't have the same kind words for Krivak. Beasley left Maryland after Krivak refused to give him a redshirt year to devote solely to his studies. Beasley didn't even want to practice.

"I picked up some hearsay about things Krivak said during the week," Beasley said yesterday. "I'm not going to say what I heard, but it hurts."

* West Virginia coach Don Nehlen was tickled with his defensive line. The Mountaineers restricted Maryland to 65 yards rushing. Mark Mason had 68 and Troy Jackson 6, but quarterbacks Sandwisch, Kaleo and Scarpino had a combined minus-11.

"We gave up only one touchdown," Nehlen said. "In this day and age, that's great defense."

* The matchup pitting Terps defensive tackle Larry Webster, 6-6, 280, against the Mountaineers' John Ray, 6-10, 320, turned out in Ray's favor if West Virginia's 334 rushing yards are any indication.

"Ray must have played well," Nehlen said, alluding to the rushing total. "But Webster's great."

Webster, who had five tackles, said: "I didn't do too bad. I got double-teamed on about half the snaps and didn't get off the blocks like I wanted to."

Ray was charitable in his remarks about Webster, although he noted that he "didn't hear Webster's name much" over the public address system.

"He does it all," Ray said. "He's a great pass rusher -- big, strong, quick. He's going to be a good player in the NFL."

* In terms of attendance, Maryland is off to its best start in ages. The first three games have attracted 117,950, including 40,442 yesterday. There are two home games remaining: Homecoming with Duke on Oct. 26 and Penn State on Nov. 9 at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium, which already is a sellout at 58,455.

I= * Terps trainer J.J. Bush reported no injuries yesterday.

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