That was burlesquePhoenix Suns president Jerry Colangelo...


That was burlesque

Phoenix Suns president Jerry Colangelo says the dance troupe that performed at last season's home games will not be coming back because some fans find the act offensive.

Colangelo said he changed his mind after a telephone survey in which some patrons complained that the dancers' routines are sexually suggestive.

Kimberly Lewis, the troupe's founder and director, said the troupe had worked hard to avoid that label.

"If their dancing was suggestive, then they'd better close Broadway," she said.

Deja vu

Before their home game against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, the New York Jets played a tape of Whitney Houston singing the national anthem. They said they weren't aware it had come from the Super Bowl, complete with reference to the Persian Gulf War.

The Bills, who lost in the Super Bowl, thought it was deliberate.

"That was flashback time," linebacker Ray Bentley said. "I said to Shane [Conlan], 'What are they trying to do, tick us off?' "

Perhaps the player most offended was Scott Norwood, who missed the 47-yard field goal that would have won the Super Bowl.

While Jets fans sang his name derisively, Norwood kicked three field goals, one a 52-yarder.

Karras' Monday night fun

Alex Karras loved his three years on "Monday Night Football."

"To me, it was comical," he told Newsday's Joe Gergen of his TV days. "They'd hire these huge limos to take three people five blocks when we could just as easily have walked. I loved the pomp and ceremony connected with the show.

"I had a great time just watching everyone come in and out of the booth. Everywhere we'd go, someone famous would walk in. I remember John Denver, Hubert Humphrey, even John Wayne. In fact, Wayne took three cigarettes from me."

He also learned about corporate America.

"One of the first things out of my mouth when I got on the air was about someone who made a great play," Karras said.

"I said, 'Yeah, I saw him in college. He was such a great athlete that they gave him a Cadillac.'

"Immediately, I get this voice in my headset: 'We work for the Ford Motor Co.' "

The quote

Houston Astros pitching coach Bob Cluck to Mark Portugal just after the pitcher gave up three home runs in seven pitches to the Reds, who celebrate each homer at Riverfront Stadium with loud fireworks: "I came out to slow you down a little bit because the guy behind the fence needs time to reload his cannon."

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