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Some banks' ratings may now be moot


Because the information contained in IDC's bank ratings is based on data from the first quarter of 1991, the financial positions of the banks may have changed.

A sale of assets of other major event could dramatically change a bank's financial strength. Here are some significant events that could affect future ratings of some low-rated banks that are listed in the first-quarter chart:

For example, Madison Bank of Maryland, a unit of James Madison Ltd., was merged into its affiliated bank in Washington in May. Later that month, the company's Washington and Virginia banks were taken over and their $320 million in deposits were bought by Signet Bank.

MNC Financial Inc., the corporate parent of Maryland National Bank, announced a $100 million cost reduction plan, which would cut the company's expenses by 15 percent. The plan, which was announced in late April, is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Washington Bank of Maryland was closed in May, as the result of an order of the Maryland State Bank Commissioner.

Jefferson Bank & Trust Co. changed its name to Suburban Bank of Maryland in March. Its corporate parent, Bancshares 2000 Inc., also changed its name, to Suburban Bancshares Inc. The company headquarters has been moved to Reston, Va.

The Sun's Business section publishes IDC ratings of Maryland banks and savings and loans each quarter. The most recent list of S&L; ratings, which had information about the first quarter of 1991, was published Sept. 8.

Copies of that newspaper can be obtained, for a fee, at The Sun business office, located at 501 N. Calvert St. Local libraries also carry back issues of The Sun, or have microfilmed versions.

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