Around the house* Avoid cluttering drawers and...


Around the house

* Avoid cluttering drawers and shelves. Stack bulky sweaters in plastic laundry baskets that can be stored on the floor of your closet.

* Place a dry sponge or several thicknesses of paper towels in the vegetable bin of your refrigerator to absorb excess moisture. Produce will stay fresh longer.

* Use cooking exhaust fans frequently. Smoke residue and grease can easily accumulate on kitchen walls, windows and curtains when exhaust fan is not used. Fan should be cleaned at least every six months.

* Store summer clothing in heavy plastic bags if storage space is limited. Place a bar or two of unwrapped soap among the clothes to keep them smelling fresh. Tie the tops of the bags closed to keep moths out. Store out of sight beneath bed or hang in niches and corners of basement or attic.

* Place containers of baking soda in closets to remove musty odors. Household disinfectants and deodorant sprays may help also, but must be used frequently to have a lasting effect.

* Rub a candle stub along the inside track of the frames of freshly painted windows. This will prevent sticking and chipping the paint.

In the garden

* Divide summer-blooming varieties of perennials that have grown too large. Blooms will increase on the new plantings within a few years.

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