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The lay of the land

A show of 49 pastels by Baltimore artist Raoul Middleman, on display at Artshowcase Gallery, investigates the emotional terrain of landscapes ranging from Vermont hills to the waters of the Susquehanna. Middleman knows the infinite ways that land and water and sky combine to provoke sudden, sharp memories. This is the opening exhibit for the new gallery, which is devoted to the work of Maryland artists. It also marks the 100th show for curator Jim Dockery. The show runs through Sept. 28 at the gallery, 336 N. Charles St. Call 783-0007.

"The Hard Way" didn't do that well in theaters, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth seeing. The film, a fast and smart comedy, stars Michael J. Fox as a movie star who is planning to play a cop on the screen and decides to follow a real cop around in preparation for the role. James Woods is the veteran New York policeman who wants nothing to do with his shadow. The film successfully mixes laughs, thrills and gore, and the gore is minimal. The film also has a lot to say about life in New York City, and it does so with unusually good humor. Language, violence. Rating: R. ***

Lou Cedrone Gennady Vetrov of Theater Buff, from St. Petersburg, Russia, is a one-man riot in the American premiere of "Masquerade," which is currently at the Theatre Project. Directed by Buff founder Isaak Shtockbant, the various skits are presented in English with traditional Russian folk songs. In this hilarious 90-minute act, Vetrov portrays a bumbling volunteer fireman and a colorful assortment of other wacky characters. An accomplished musician, he plays several instruments using his mouth, hands, knees and feet. Excellent all-around entertainment. 8 p.m. 45 W. Preston St. Tickets: $15, $11, $8. Call 752-8558.

Winifred Walsh


New role for Delta

CBS won't let a spat get in the way of family harmony -- and potential ratings. Actress Delta Burke may have separated unpleasantly from the network's "Designing Women," which premiered just this week with replacement Julia Duffy. But viewers like her, so Burke is back on CBS tonight in a TV-movie, "Love and Curses . . . And All That Jazz" (8 o'clock, Channel 11). What's more, she is paired in the film with another CBS series star, Gerald ("Major Dad") McRaney, who just happens to be her off-screen husband.

Steve McKerrow "Late for Dinner" is romantic fantasy comedy in which two young men, frozen for 29 years, return to their hometown, hoping to pick up the pieces of the lives they left behind. W. D. Richter ("The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai") directed, and the movie is charming throughout. You'll have to give the film a little artistic license, but it's certainly worth the trouble. Brian Wimmer and Peter Berg are the two returnees, Marcia Gay Harden is the woman Willie (Wimmer) left behind, and Peter Gallagher is the bad guy. Violence. Rating: PG. ***

Lou Cedrone

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