Orioles plan new 'gazette'


Soon the Orioles are going to have their own publication, a four-color tabloid that will be published 15 times a year with content devoted exclusively to the team's history, player personalities, farm club reports and alumni updates.

Plans for what is initially going to be called the "33rd Street Gazette", with another name being created before the start of next season, were outlined yesterday by the publisher, Ted Venetoulis, the former Baltimore County executive who heads a chain of six Maryland weekly newspapers.

Bob Brown, who has been with the club since 1957 and is director of Orioles publications, has been named acting managing editor and will serve in the role for at least the first two editions.

"It's not going to be a house organ," said Venetoulis. "We project circulation at 50,000 and it will be on sale at Orioles games, newsstands and by subscription. I know some people say that with soft advertising this is the wrong time to start, but I insist it's the right time."

Brown said such writers as Gordon Beard, former Maryland sports editor for the Associated Press; radio announcer Ted Patterson and Michael Gibbons, executive director of the Babe Ruth Museum, will be among those making contributions to its pages.

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