OTHER VOICES receives a good deal of...


OTHER VOICES receives a good deal of mail from state prisoners, many of whose essays and poetry we've published over the years. Only recently has this postmark appeared in addition to the regular postmark of the U.S. Postal Service.

Greg Shipley, prison spokesman, said there are two reasons for the new stamp. One is that courts have attempted to expedite mail delivery between prisoners and their lawyers. The stamp is required on letters tio attorneys, Shiplkey said, but instead of attempting to segregate such mail, officials decided to stamp all mail.

The second reason, Shipley said, is to warn recipients that the contents of mail from the prison may be offensive. "We don't read mail before it goes out," he said, "but not everyone gets nice mail like you do. People should be aware when their mail is coming from a prison. It could be anything, including hate mail."

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