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Installation laments insults to environment



8510 High Ridge Road, Ellicott City. "Saved

Fragments -- Vain Refuge"

Rusted bare iron trees, and earth-tone tile floor grids representing maps of Baltimore and Washington D.C., along withdrawings of geese and ducks fill Gallery I of the Howard County Center for the Arts in this season's opening exhibit, featuring a specially commissioned installation by Pennsylvania artist Duane McDiarmid. His thesis involves the environment and what few vestiges of nature remain after the encroachment by mankind. Also at Howard County Center for the Arts: in Gallery II is "Borrowed Time," mixed-media constructions by Mary Deacon Opasik and Michel Demanche; in Gallery III, "Drift and Reach," a collection of water colors curated by Diana Marta. Through Nov. 16. Call 313-ARTS.


730 Dulaney Valley Road. Kim Man-Hee

The premier exhibit (through Oct. 6) of this new gallery features Korean artist Kim Man-Hee, who works in tempera paint on "ma" paper (a hand-processed paper made of reeds). His vibrant, colorful paintings with folk art motifs revive the shamanistic values of ancient Korea. The imagery is largely symbolic and humorous, with smiling, pipe-smoking, eyeglass-wearing tigers (the guardians of mankind), magpies (messengers from God), and other creatures. This gallery also carries a large collection of contemporary and antique Asian art, furniture and textiles. Call 828-8889.

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