* Saturday: A Place for Your Pace,...


* Saturday: A Place for Your Pace, Peerce's Plantation, 8 a.m.; Coon's Corner 15-K, Harford CC, 8 a.m., 838-1931; Top of the Mountain 5-miler, Gettysburg, Pa., 9 a.m., 717-264-5390.

* Sunday: Great Subway Race 10-miler, Reisterstown Plaza Metro station, 8 a.m., 882-5455; Cambridge Row-Paddle Triathlon, 10 a.m., 228-2505; Back to School 8-K, Chevy Chase, (202) 393-8280.

* Future book: Virginia 10-miler, Sept. 28; Harmony half-marathon, Sept. 28; Zoo Zoom, Sept. 29; Union Mills 8-K, Sept. 29; Fritzbe's 10-K, Sept. 29; United Way 10-K, Washington, Sept. 29; The Great Race, Pittsburgh, Sept. 29; Glen Burnie/B&A; Trail 10-K, Oct. 6; Georgetown 10-K, Oct. 6; Quaker 5-miler, Oct. 12; Annapolis Metric Marathon, Oct. 13; Seagull Classic 8-K, Oct. 13; Fifth Avenue Mile, Oct. 19; Greater Dundalk 10-K, Nov. 24; North Central Railroad Trail Marathon, Nov. 30.

* Marathons: Portland (Ore.), Sept. 29; Berlin, Sept. 29; Johnstown (Pa.), Oct. 6; Twin Cities, Oct. 6; Chicago, Oct. 27; Marine Corps, Washington, Nov. 3; New York City, Nov. 3.

* News and notes: The Bud Light Triathlon Series championships will be staged Saturday in Las Vegas with Mike Pigg and Erin Baker back defending their titles. Included on the program, which will have 3,000 participants, will be the competition

deciding the National Military Team championship.

Jim Hage finished a laudable ninth in last Sunday's Philadelphia Distance Run half-marathon behind victor Rolando Vera. Kim Jones paced the women . . . Brian Ferrari (Hagerstown) got third in the recent Charleston Run 15-miler. Lori Taylor (D.C.) was fifth among the women.

Steve Smith (ex-UMBC) captured the Pat & Mike's 8-K in Gaithersburg in 26:21 . . . There's obviously some pep in the old gal yet: Mary Slaney beat a loaded field at 3,000 meters in 8:43 in Sheffield, England, the other day.

Ben Johnson's still pulling down $5,000 appearance money for races and sprint rival Leroy Burrell wonders why. "He's running high school times," Burrell points out.

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