Even though suspect got the chair, he got away


Daniel Perez is on a roll.

In fact, Perez, 35, is being sought today by police in Baltimore and Baltimore County following his escape from a local hospital in a wheelchair.

To add insult to injury, Perez allegedly stole the wheelchair and has been charged thusly.

Perez was in Union Memorial Hospital on Tuesday being treated for two fractured heels he sustained during a police chase in the county. Details of why Perez was being chased were not available. Upon release from the hospital, he was to be charged in connection with that incident.

It seems, according to a hospital spokeswoman, Perez chose not to stay around.

So a visitor went to Perez's fifth-floor room, found a wheelchair and took his pal for a ride -- down the hallway, down the elevator and to the street where the two men folded the chair, got into an automobile and drove off, according to police.

Amy Strong, the hospital spokeswoman, said Perez has been charged with stealing the wheelchair -- a felony. "He had two broken heels and was not guarded," Strong said. "The police were going to pick him up on warrants upon his release from Union Memorial."

Perez's alleged theft of the wheelchair brought to mind another historic theft a few years ago, police spokesman Dennis Hill said, when a man stole someone's homing pigeons from a West Baltimore yard.

"The guy had stuffed the pigeons inside his clothes to avoid detection but one of our guys caught him almost immediately because he looked like the Michelin tire man that cooed," Hill said.

If police finally nab Perez, there is a strong chance he will be kept far from wheelchairs. And probably helicopters.

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