THE CAPE COD Times has published an...

THE CAPE COD Times has published an article on Baltimore that makes you want to live here.

Written by Baltimore novelist Christopher Corbett, the article (in the newspaper's travel section Sept. 1) touts the usual places -- Union Square, Fells Point and its China Sea Marine Trading Co., Mount Vernon Square, Lexington Market -- and cites the usual people -- H.L. Mencken (who called Baltimore an "ancient and solid" town), Babe Ruth, Blaze Starr, William Donald Schaefer and Barry Levinson.


Corbett quotes filmmaker John Waters: "Baltimore has a tradition of great eccentrics. Any town that gave you Madalyn Murray O'Hair and Spiro Agnew has to have something going for it."

When Queen Elizabeth visited Memorial Stadium this summer, Corbett writes, Baltimoreans figured she really wanted to see the town "but was too polite to say so."


Corbett wrote the article for Universal Press Syndicate. It's accompanied by beautiful photos of the Washington Monument, Faidley's at Lexington Market and Federal Hill at night.

* Baltimore, the "City That Reads," published a brochure this summer announcing the schedule of the Municipal Concert Band.

6* "Our 131th season," shouts a headline.

Next year will be the 132st.