High-quality hose are worth the price


Smoothing rough edges

Buying the cheapest hose is not necessarily the most economical approach to stylish dressing. Nancy Sachs, fashion director for Saks Fifth Avenue, for instance, believes that the finish provided by a pair of Donna Karan opaque black pantyhose is well worth the $12 price tag.

"It fits; it doesn't sag at the ankle, and it has a finished and extremely sophisticated look," she says. In fact, she and other fashion directors usually require all runway models to come to shows equipped with a pair.

To get the most out of her expensive stockings, Ms. Sachs is conscientious about keeping her feet smooth, without rough spots that can snag her investment. To do the job she swears by a $4 Crabtree & Evelyn pumice stone.

On the Job

The September issue of Glamour magazine offers several tips for cost-conscious style on the job.

According to the fashion specialists interviewed, a working woman's first priority should be a stylish suit that she can then build around with separates.

If your profession permits a little flair, choose a suit with a jacket in a strong, bright color and then buy any additional skirts in neutrals, such as black, which can be mixed with the jacket. A pleated or A-line skirt is recommended to add some variety to the slim skirts most women already own.

Other good investments are a slim clean-lined dress that would work with different jackets in your wardrobe and a pair of slim black trousers.

In its October issue, Glamour, reports on the trend among cosmetic companies to offer free or inexpensive beauty samples this fall. For instance, at select Estee Lauder counters there will be small samples of its new foundation -- Lucidity Light-Diffusion Makeup -- for customers to take home and try. Lancome will be offering sample skin-care packages and sample sizes of its new Definicils mascara. Among the sample size products arriving in mass market stores are Cover Girl's Clean Liquid Make-up and L'Oreal Hydra Perfecte Protective Hydrating Makeup.

Taking a shine

A good polish is one of the best ways to maintain your shoes and put off the expense of a new pair a little longer. In search of the best possible shine, the makers of Kiwi shoe polishes interviewed members of the U.S. military, for whom a high shine can mean a weekend pass.

Many officials swore by the cotton baby diaper for the optimum polish. A final or preliminary rub with alcohol was a tip recommended by several. One gentleman liked to chill his alcohol and polish before applying and then dried the shoe with a hair dryer before the final brush and buff.

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