From: Edie Segree


The Greater Severna Park Council has long been a viable force in the county, and I can well understand its decision to oppose any redistricting plan that does not keep Severna Park a single County Council district.

Those of use who live in the Lower Broadneck Peninsulawant the same thing -- to be left in a single County Council district. We don't want to be the "sacrificial lamb."

There is no rational justification for splitting the lower Peninsula. Certainly, the geographic boundaries of this area are very clear cut. There is a strongcommon interest among the residents on such issues as the environment and development. There is a strong commitment to the two watersheds.

Redistricting is always a sensitive and emotional issue. At least let's allow logic to govern decision making.

In the case of County Council districts, splitting the Lower Broadneck Peninsula would certainly be an illogical choice.


From: Elizabeth E. Morgan

Severna Park

The Charter Review Committee hadno choice except to shrink the boundaries of the 5th County Council district in order to balance population levels among the seven districts.

However, to propose that the shrinking be accomplished by lopping off the northeastern quarter of Severna Park from the rest of Severna Park is the epitome of absurdity. Neighborhoods like Berrywood and Lower Magothy Beach have long had exceedingly close ties to the rest of the Severna Park community. To shunt these neighborhoods off to another district that lies mostly on the other side of the Magothy River is to cause them to lose their political voice by becoming a gnat among the voters of the 3rd District.

Severna Park will also suffer since its leverage (voting strength) with its council member will be diminished.

The Charter Review Committee vastly compounded the offensiveness of this objectionable division by leaving neighborhoods at the western extremity of Benfield Road within the 5th District.

Chartwell and Shipley's Choice, which are by far the largest neighborhoods, have very emphatically and very vocally announced that their "interests," as they put it, differ from Severna Park's through their umbrella group, called the Millersville Severn Run Federation, which they formed to challenge the Greater Severna Park Council. They have voiced disdain for those who live in neighborhoods in central Severna Park on issue after issue, including school redistricting and completion of East-West Boulevard.

Federation leaders have savagely and unfairly attacked the current council member both before and after the last election and I am sure the council member, Chartwell and Shipley's Choice would all be happier if the neighborhoods west of Jumpers Hole Road were placed in a different district.

With such an obvious alternative, the County Council should have little difficulty in adjusting the map to preserve the integrity of Severna Park and tobetter represent the Chartwell and Millersville areas.


From: Debra L. Denford

Cromwell Elementary School PTA

Attention all parents!

Little brown bugs,

crawling through your hair,

running up and down,

but who really cares?

The State won't pay,

to provide us with a nurse.

Now all the county schools

have been hit with a curse.

Head lice will run rampant,

without keeping it in check,

but the State seems to think,

"Hey, what the heck!"

Instead of education,

the State supports a test.

It's called MSPP,

but you haven't heard the best!

The children can't have chorus,

head lice are running wild,

what do we have to do?


I urge parents to contact their county and state representatives regarding this matter.

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