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$1 million in crack is confiscated police charge 3 from N.Y. Tip on hot line leads police to motel in city.


TC An anonymous call to the city Police Department's hot line this morning brought the arrest of three New Yorkers and the confiscation of $1 million of cocaine at a northeast Baltimore motel.

Police Capt. Michael Andrews said today that police reponded to a tip at about 8:30 a.m. and found a young woman and two young men with 2 kilos of cocaine in a motel room.

Andrews said the cocaine has a street value of $1 million. The trio were arrested after police knocked on the door and were let into the room.

They were being charged this morning with interstate transportation of narcotics and possession with intent to distribute the drugs.

Police also recovered a small amount of jewelry, but they were uncertain if it had been stolen.

Police refused to release the names of the trio until they have formally completed the charges. All three are from New York City. The woman is 24 and both the men are 26 years old.

The three have been in Baltimore for a few days, said Andrews, who refused to give the name of the motel where they were arrested.

Andrews said that since the hot line at 685-DRUG was started in 1985, more than 45,000 calls have resulted in more than 9,600 arrests. Five thousand of those calls came this year and have resulted in 1,108 arrests.

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