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It's a 'Full House' for returning shows


The fall season is pretty much under way this week. New shows premiering tonight are dealt with elsewhere, but the evening also brings some season debuts of returning shows:

* On ABC's "Full House" (at 8, Channel 13, for a fifth season), a nice nod to nostalgia has June Lockhart appearing as a kindergarten teacher dealing with the first-day anxieties of Michelle (played by twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen).

Remember Lockhart? To the memory of one age group of TV viewers she was Maureen Robinson, the mother of the cosmos-meandering family of "Lost in Space" (1965-68). To an older group, she was farm mother Ruth Martin on "Lassie" (1958-64).

But how many people remember still another regular series role for Lockhart, in 1968-70? Media Monitor had forgotten, but Alex McNeil's "Total Television" reminds that Lockhart was Dr. Janet Craig on "Petticoat Junction." She took over the matriarchal place of Bea Benaderet, who died in 1968.

* On CBS at 8 (Channel 11), William Shatner hosts the premiere of a third season of "Rescue 911," the real-life re-enactment series.

* Back on ABC at 9 (Channel 13), in the forth-season premiere of "Roseanne," Becky (Lecy Goranson) says she needs birth control.

* And on NBC at 10 (Channel 2), the high-quality drama "Law & Order" makes it back for a second season, as Paul Sorvino joins the cast as a new detective partner for Logan (Chris Noth).


* NBC is airing a "Michael Landon Tribute" at 8 p.m., but local affiliate WMAR-Channel 2 is scheduled to show an Orioles/Red Sox game instead. Note that the Landon show is scheduled to be shown on Channel 2 at 4 p.m. on Sunday -- unless the Birds are rained out in Boston, in which case the show would air tonight.

* "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (at 9, Channel 45) repeats the final cliff-hanger episode of the spring, setting viewers up for next week's season premiere at this new time.

* Last season's controversial James Burke special "After the Warming" probed the theory that says pollutants are depleting the ozone layer and threatening potentially devastating climate change. The show repeats at 9 tonight on Maryland Public Television, followed at 11 by "Hot or Not?," a new half-hour panel debate on the subject.

CLARIFICATION -- Local resident Audrey Brooks and family still cannot be seen here on the game show "Family Feud," as reported yesterday. But note that in our explanation of WBAL-Channel 11's discontinuation of the show (from 7:30 p.m. weeknights) we erroneously said the talk show "Geraldo" had bumped the daytime version of the show from Channel 11. "Geraldo," of course, has moved this season to WMAR-Channel 2, at 11 a.m.

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