If healthy, Sandwisch will get Terps' call against West Virginia


COLLEGE PARK -- This isn't a budding quarterback controversy developing at Maryland. It's simply a matter of Jim Sandwisch's health.

There is nothing Sandwisch and coach Joe Krivak would like better than for the senior quarter-back to start against West Virginia here Saturday. Whether he will be able to depends not on anything John Kaleo, the No. 2, does or doesn't do in practice but solely on Sandwisch himself.

The fifth-year senior from Great Mills in southern Maryland didn't practice yesterday because of a 100-degree fever and a throat infection. Penicillin and aspirin should take care of that, but what about Sandwisch's sore shoulder and elbow?

"If the fever is down, I'll practice [today]," Sandwisch said. "The .. shoulder and elbow, well, they're sore but better than they were last Tuesday, when I couldn't throw at all."

Sandwisch played the first half against Syracuse Saturday, then, with the score tied at 14, yielded at coach Joe Krivak's insistence to Kaleo. Krivak could tell that Sandwisch's arm was bothering him, stemming from a hard hit in the Virginia opener the week before.

"Trying to compensate for the shoulder, I think he strained his elbow," said quarterbacks coach Jerry Eisaman.

Kaleo, the national Junior College Player of the Year last fall at Montgomery College-Rockville, finished the game, a 31-17 loss, completing eight of 19 passes. He gave Syracuse one touchdown when he was intercepted while trying to ground the ball in the end zone rather than swallow it for a safety.

"He was good, all things considered," Eisaman said. "He came into that one tough situation, with the ball on the one-inch line. I'm sure he was nervous. Once Syracuse got the lead, they knew he had to throw and he was set back by holding penalties, too."

In Sandwisch's absence, Kaleo worked with the first team yesterday.

"I'm ready to rebound and show I'm a quality quarterback," Kaleo said. "I did make some mistakes, like misreading two signals from the sideline. And in the end zone, I should have run up the middle or thrown the ball out of bounds.

"There were also some things I can't control. My protection broke down a few times. I took some shots."

Krivak indicated he thinks Sandwisch will be ready for West Virginia. Trainer J.J. Bush, maintaining there was no swelling or tenderness in Sandwisch's elbow after treatment yesterday, pronounced him "fine."

"It all depends on how many days Jimmy can practice and how he feels," Krivak said. "I feel he'll be ready."

TH If not, it'll be Kaleo, with freshman Scott Milanovich in the wings.


Steve Ingram, the sophomore starting offensive tackle who broke a leg and sprained an ankle in the opener, was to undergo surgery on his ankle today. The team physician, Dr. Stan Lavine, planned to insert a screw in two bones to promote healing of the ankle ligament.

"The fracture is relatively minor," Bush said. "The ligament is the problem. We hope he'll be able to play in November. It'll go right down to the wire."


Linebacker Mike Jarmolowich was named Atlantic Coast Conference co-Defensive Back of the Week with North Carolina State safety Mike Reid after making 17 tackles and recovering a fumble against Syracuse.

This could become habit-forming. In the opener against Virginia, Jarmolowich's 11 tackles and two fumble recoveries were good for the ACC Defensive Back of the Week award outright.

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