Cosmic Cocktail in 2 weeks: Get your ticket today before they sell out.

Pay dirt sure isn't what it once was


A friend in Pikesville tells me his daughter asked about tickets for the Orioles' final game in Memorial Stadium Oct. 6, which is a sellout.

The man scouted around and found that all he could come up with at this point were tickets from scalpers -- for obstructed view seats at $175 to $200 apiece. Father and daughter will watch the game on TV.

Marketing majors at American colleges should beat a path to Baltimore to study the way the Orioles have marketed their final days on 33rd Street. They're selling this thing to death. I had no problem until they started selling the dirt.

* Colts immortal John Unitas had quite a weekend. Everyone knows he and the rest of the old Colts were saluted by 35,000-plus at the Orioles game Sunday. But not many know that the night before, at the Maryland-Syracuse football game, a bunch of College Park students spotted him in the parking lot, jumped out of their van and screamed: "Hey, it's Johnny U!"

They hoisted John to their shoulders and paraded him around. It brought a smile to No. 19's face. That's amazing when you remember that those kids were too young to have seen Unitas. The legend lives.

* When Bob Irsay fires Indianapolis coach Ron Meyer -- and surely he will, what with the Colts having scored an NFL-low 13 points in three games, all losses -- I hope he hires Buddy Ryan. The two deserve each other.

* Some of the people who attended the nostalgic Blue and White Day ceremonies honoring the old Colts Sunday tell me they started getting angry as they remembered what a great thing we had here in the old days, compared to what we have now: nothing.

It's as Jan Braase, Ordell's wife, once told me: "It's unbelievable, when you think of it, that one man -- Irsay -- could ruin all we had here."

Irsay appears on his way to ruining what they have in Indianapolis, too.

The name Indianapolis may be anathema to Baltimore pro

football fans, but some lacrosse people here are probably going to grow fond of the Indiana city.

Butler University, situated there, will begin playing lacrosse in '93 and has 10 scholarships to offer. It would love to attract some high school talent from this city. Irsay and the Colts notwithstanding, Indianapolis is said to be a very nice place to live.

* There will be no Choice-Visa lacrosse tournament here this fall, but there will be one local tourney at Loyola College Oct. 12-13. Competing in addition to coach Dave Cottle's Greyhounds will be Syracuse, Navy and Nazareth.

Fall lacrosse tournaments are proliferating. There's one coming up at Princeton Oct. 20 with Johns Hopkins, Virginia, Massachusetts, Adelphi and UMBC the visitors. A one-day stick festival Oct. 27 at Penn will be visited by Maryland, Hopkins, Adelphi, Drexel and Franklin & Marshall.

* Bill Curry, the onetime Baltimore Colts (and Green Bay Packers) center, now coach at the University of Kentucky, says this about cheating in college football today:

"People still cheat. They still look you in the eye and lie. But it's much better than it was 10 years ago. It has become more fashionable to be honest -- because it's more likely you'll get caught."

* The fire that burned out the Painters Mill arena-theatre did not extinguish Stu Satosky's desire to promote fights here.

Satosky has Baltimore's Vincent Pettway meeting Venezuela's Juan Rondon at the Pikesville Armory Oct. 9. He's talking to Lou Duva about bringing Mark Breland to the Baltimore Arena, maybe in December, if Breland changes his mind about retiring. Satosky's friend, Fred Schubach Jr., has cleared the way for future bouts to be held at the 7,000-seat Towson Center on the Towson State campus.

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