Despite cast, 'Sibs' sinks


ABC is giving "Sibs," the big send-off tonight (9:30, Channel 13) by putting it behind "Roseanne's" season premiere. Next week, "Sibs" goes into its regular time slot after "Doogie Howser, M.D." Actually, ABC should drop the new show on Saturday night, where almost no one would see it.

The new sitcom has to be the biggest disappointment of the fall season. The producers defeated a gifted cast by giving them such bona fide bores to play. Nora (four-time Oscar nominee Marsha Mason) is a whimpering bookkeeper in an accounting firm who moans that her two younger sisters are competing over who is more messed up. It's a close contest.

Audie (Margaret Colin of "Foley Square" and "Leg Work)" is a tough-talking real estate saleswoman who is broke and in Alcoholics Anonymous. Lily (Jami Gertz of "Square Pegs)" the perky youngest sister, nose-dives when her selfish artist boyfriend dumps her.

Nora's husband, Howie (Alex Rocco of "The Famous Teddy Z"), wants her to quit her job and understandably detests her two sisters.

"Sibs" is pretty detestable itself. Ms. Mason is bland as the straight woman to all these goofballs, and the supporting cast acts with broad desperation. They have reason to. If somebody doesn't do some quick remodeling on this show, ABC will have to lower the wrecking ball quick.

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