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Making little go a long way


In response to many requests, we print more suggestions for people with limited financial resources:

"Before spending a dime, decide what is a need vs. what is a want." (Patricia Harman).

"Buy bulk food loose in bins (corn flakes, sugar, rice, etc.). Shop at Salvation Army thrift stores. (Recently I bought nine dresses and eight children's clothes items for $40). Seniors, ask for discounts everywhere you go. Be sure to shop for insurance." (David Post).

"Mom and Dad left school in 8th grade about 1915, went to work. Dad made $5,200 a year as a bank teller. Parents left $150,000 estate. They saved money, bought utility stocks with extra cash, didn't buy a thing unless they had the money, never used credit cards." (Dr. Richard Rodgers).

"Best way to save is with a no-load mutual fund, no brokers' commissions, start with as little as $250, invest $50 monthly. Think of latter as a bill." (Justin Mascari).

"Instead of a new coat, shirt or sweater at Christmas, buy that collectible art piece, doll, curio or antique that will appreciate through the years. But you must do your homework!" (Yvonne Grauer).

"Use your library card for 'money' books, pay bills immediately, use coupons, reduce snack foods, shop for best checking account interest, buy no-load mutual funds." (Bob Palumbi).

"Buy day-old bread, fruit and vegetable specials, buy in bulk and freeze part, never buy anything not reduced, learn to sew, clip Ticker suggestions, save them." (Anne Meyer).

"Most people don't lay down and die if their income is cut by 10 percent, so save another 10 percent. If not that, get a part-time job." (Alton Joyner).

"I save grocery receipts and to my husband's chagrin I pick up receipts on the ground because many offers require tapes. When I get a refund check, I save it and treat my husband and me to an elegant anniversary restaurant dinner." (Judy Kiefer).

"If you smoke, stop! With packs nearing $2, you could easily puff away $700 a year. Regarding investing, Money magazine, Sunday Sun, Wall Street Week are most informative." (Steven James).

"Living with parents is the worst way to save money. You don't need elaborate furniture to have your own place. Do without designer clothes, long distance calls, CD players, etc." (Stan Modjesky).

"Seek financial counseling. Look for many opportunities for free or nearly free sessions. Learn and read as much as possible about where people with money invest theirs." (Tracy Rone).

"We save hundreds of dollars yearly by using second-hand shops, flea markets, yard sales. And we dress great. Expensive designer items can be bought for $5-10."

"Buy Ginnie Mae coupons one at a time, with help from your broker. Good return." (Mary Thompson).

"Shop by catalog; if you see something, wait three days. The urge sometimes leaves."

"Get a second job, or sell something. It's more practical to bring in extra dollars than to turn out lights, stretch hamburger helper or do without. What's more, when you work you spend less and it brings extra satisfaction as well as much-needed money. Scan newspaper ads or walk through your neighborhood for best job opportunities." (Mr. Ticker).

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