Reisterstown retail-office building to feature colonial-style touches Building to be occupied early next year.


The steel skeleton of a Colonial-style combination office and retail building on Reisterstown Road is in place and the building is on schedule for completion by early next year.

Called Signature Building, the three-story structure in the 700 block of Reisterstown Road is a departure from the ordinary block office building, said Bruce Fried, of the Abrams Development Group Inc.

"It's an A-class building," said Fried.

Planning for the structure began in 1987 and ground was broken in July, said James "Mickey" Abrams, president of the Abrams Development Group, one of three partners forming the SEA Limited Partnership.

The other two are Michael B. Glick, president of Helmsman Properties, Inc. and Robert A. Kinsley, president of Robert A. Kinsley, Inc.

The red brick building was originally to have a number of colonial-style flourishes, such as a slanted, shingled roof out front and a colonial-style dormer protruding from the center of the building, said Fried.

Those touches were cut, because of costs, but other colonial touches remain, he said, including rounded windows on some areas of the building and arches at ground level.

A good portion of the 36,000-square-foot structure is leased, said Fried.

Ed Kelly, a certified public accountant, has agreed to lease 2,500 square feet on the building's third floor.

And Clinical Associates, a group of medical doctors who work with local health maintenance organizations, has agreed to rent the entire second floor, said Fried.

That 12,500 square feet of space is an increase in Clinical Associates current 8,000-square feet, at another office building farther south on Reisterstown Road.

Fried said it is hoped that the ground floor, which is designed for retail use, will contain various service-oriented businesses such as a deli, copy center and dry cleaner.

A deal to lease space to owners of a pharmacy is close to being closed, he added.

One reason SEA Limited Partnership chose to build where it did, said Fried, is because of its proximity to Interstate 795.

Signature Building is just a block or two north of the Franklin Boulevard exit of I-795, not far from the Owings Mills Mall.

"It's a great location," he said.

Getting further leasing commitments has been slow going, he said, partly because of the economy, but partly because, "People in that area like to wait and see what the building turns out to look like.

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