Prime-time soaps get morning slot.



* The proliferation of morning talk shows was noted in this space last week, but the cable-connected have a juicy alternative that began today: back-to-back screenings of those prime-time soap operas "Dallas," and "Knot's Landing."

"Dallas," which ended its 13-season run on CBS last spring, can be seen at 10 a.m. and "Knot's Landing," still airing on CBS, follows at 11, both on the TNT basic service.

And in connection with the scheduling, TNT did a cute promotion with viewers: a contest to write lyrics for the instrumental theme song.

The winning words, to be sung every day this week at the top of the show, came from Brian McCullough of Cushman, Mass., and are meant to be sung by bad guy J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman). A sample:

Oh, we own this and we own that

as far as the eye can see -

From Texas soil we pump Ewing oil

daddy Jock, brother Bobby and me.

* Note that the CBS comedy lineup premieres for a new season tonight, beginning at 8 and including "Evening Shade" (Burt gets naked), "Major Dad," "Murphy Brown" (an hour episode resolving the is-she-pregnant? cliffhanger) and "Designing Women" (another hour episode, introducing newcomers Julia Duffy and Jan Hooks).

Also premiering for the season are ABC's "MacGyver" (at 8,Channel 13) and NBC's "Blossom." But note that "Blossom" is being bumped to 10:30 p.m. because of an Orioles/Red Sox game that begins at 7:30 on Channel 2.

* Daytime scheduling changes on WBAL-Channel 11 have robbed a locally connected family of the chance of TV stardom, at least for viewers in this area.

In June, Audrey Brooks, who is temporarily residing here, son and daughter in-law Bill and Donna Brooks of Arbutus, and daughters Lynn Storey (of New York) and Denise Hunt (of Georgia) were contestants on "Family Feud," pre-taped in New York.

They did pretty well, too, appearing for three days in segments of the show that are scheduled for broadcast Oct. 2-4.

The trouble is, Channel 11 no longer carries the game show. It previously aired at 7 p.m. weekdays, but that slot is now filled by the "CBS Evening News" because the station's own news now airs from 6 to 7 p.m. Briefly moved this month to 11 a.m. weekdays, "Family Feud" has been bumped from there by the talk show "Geraldo."

"The best three days in the history of television, and nobody here will see it," says a disappointed Brooks.

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