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Mayoral race's faces look same as in '87


The Baltimore mayoral race in the general election will be a re-run of 1987.

Absentee ballots counted Saturday made Samuel Culotta the Republican nominee again.

He faces incumbent Democrat Kurt L. Schmoke, who won the general election easily four years ago.

The absentee count did not change the results of any other primary race in either party.

Culotta, 67, a lawyer, has been the GOP nominee for mayor in every election since 1975.

However, in Thursday's primary, he received stiff competition from Bruce Price and Joseph Scalia.

The winner was in doubt until Saturday.

Price had a 39-vote lead after the count Thursday night, and Scalia and Culotta were one vote apart.

However, absentees gave 182 votes to Culotta, 98 to Scalia and 93 to Price, leaving Culotta with a 50-vote victory over Price.

The totals were Culotta, 1,533; Price, 1,483; and Scalia, 1,448. Ten final absentees are to be counted Wednesday.

Culotta will face heavy odds in November. The city's party

registration is 9-1 Democratic.

Four years ago, Culotta got only 22 percent of the vote against Schmoke.

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