Numbers* Best day passing: Bubby Brister, Pittsburgh,...



* Best day passing: Bubby Brister, Pittsburgh, 22-29-0, 262 yards

* Best day rushing: Barry Sanders, Detroit, 32 carries, 143 yards

* Best day receiving: Tommy Kane, Seattle, 6 catches, 122 yards

* Longest TD passing: Vinny Testaverde, Tampa Bay, 87 yards to Willie Drewrey

* Longest TD rushing: Neal Anderson, Chicago, 42 yards

* Longest field goal: 52 yards, Scott Norwood, Buffalo

* Most field goals: 4, Matt Stover, Cleveland, 30, 42, 38, and 45 yards

300-yard passer

* Jeff Kemp, Seattle, 21-50-2, 322 yards

100-yard rushers

* Barry Sanders, Detroit, 32 carries, 143 yards

* James Brooks, Cincinnati, 18 carries, 111 yards

* Earnest Byner, Washington, 23 carries, 109 yards, 1 TD

A5 * Steve Broussard, Atlanta, 20 carries, 101 yards

yard receivers

* Tommy Kane, Seattle, 6 catches, 122 yards

* Thurman Thomas, Buffalo, 13 catches, 112 yards

* Fred Barnett, Philadelphia, 7 catches, 111 yards, 1 TD

* Webster Slaughter, Cleveland, 8 catches, 107 yards

* Brian Blades, Seattle, 5 catches, 107 yards

Records, streaks and milestones

* The Saints are 3-0 for the first time in the 25-year history of the franchise.

* The 49ers haven't been 1-2 in a non-strike year since 1981, when they rebounded to go 13-3 and win their first of 4 Super Bowls.

* Minnesota had been 0-4 against San Francisco since upsetting the 49ers in the 1987 playoffs.

* New England, 1-15 last year, lost its 20th game in a row to an NFL opponent other than Indianapolis and hasn't beaten a team other than the Colts since Dec. 3, 1989.

* The Patriots -- last in the league in total offense, scoring and passing -- have scored just 22 points this season.

* It was the 14th straight loss for the Cardinals in Washington dating back to 1978 and Washington's 27th win over the Cards in their last 31 meetings.

* Cincinnati (0-3) is off to its worst start since 1985.

* The Packers (1-2) ended a 7-game losing streak dating to last November, when they last beat the Buccaneers.

* The Eagles' Clyde Simmons recorded a club-record 4 1/2 sacks. The 11 sacks of the Cowboys' Troy Aikman also was a team record. The 11 sacks produced 67 yards in losses for the Cowboys, who only had 45 yards passing.

* It was Philadelphia's eighth consecutive victory over the Cowboys, who have yet to defeat the Eagles with Jimmy Johnson as coach.

* Mark Higgs, thwarted in his bid to become the only Miami runner to ring up 3 consecutive 100-yard games, managed just 71 yards on 19 carries.

* Atlanta broke a 19-game road losing streak with its win over the Chargers in San Diego. The Falcons hadn't won on the road since Nov. 30, 1988, when they beat the Raiders, 12-6.

* Jeff Jaeger of the Raiders kicked 3 field goals without a miss for the second straight game.

* The Redskins' third win marked the fastest start for a Washington team since 1986, when they won their first 5 games and finished 12-4, losing in the NFC championship game.

* Redskins PK Chip Lohmiller's hot streak ended when he missed a 44-yard field goal in the second quarter. He had connected on 17 straight field goals going back to last season, including 5-for-5 this year.


* The Eagles lost RB Thomas Sanders (ankle), OL Ron Solt (ankle) and WR Calvin Williams (shoulder).

* Colts C Ray Donaldson fractured his left leg in the first half and will be sidelined indefinitely.

* Detroit All-Pro LB Mike Cofer suffered a sprained left knee.

* Cleveland RB Joe Morris suffered a sprained knee.

* Denver LB Tim Lucas fractured the fibula in his left leg.

Can't keep a good man down

Vikings CB Carl Lee said it all: "I doubt very seriously that anybody called the San Francisco players this week and asked them what it was like playing against A.C. and our receivers."

Lee, who had been grilled all week about how he planned to handle San Francisco's Jerry Rice, was talking about Anthony Carter.

"I think A.C. always gets pumped a little more for San Francisco because of Rice," said quarterback Wade Wilson.

Carter stole the show from his All-Pro counterpart.

The Vikings trailed, 7-0, and faced a third-and-15 when Carter caught Wilson's pass at San Francisco's 40. Carter was stopped momentarily at the 30 by S Johnnie Jackson, but using his left hand for balance, he managed to keep his knees from touching the turf. He then raced down the sideline for the score.

"I thought I had gotten him down," Jackson said. "But when I hit him and rolled over, I saw he was still running."

"I just try to do whatever it takes to win," Carter said. "The guy cut my legs out from under me, but my knees never hit the ground. I kept my balance and came down on top of him, braced myself with my arm and kept going."

Junk sacks

Bryce Paup was credited with 4 1/2 of Green Bay's 7 sacks against Tampa Bay -- most by a Packers defender in 1 game since Ezra Johnson had 5 in 1978 -- but he didn't take much of that credit.

"Some of my sacks were junk sacks. Everybody else did the work and I'm there to make the tackle," said Paup.

The Big 3-0

For a birthday, it was a tough day for Dolphins QB Dan Marino, who turned 30 and, in his opinion, made a gift to the DeLions of some strictly high school quarterbacking.

"First down," Marino said, his voice low and angry. "All I'm thinking about is Aaron Craver, throwing the ball to Craver. But he's not open; Greg Baty is."

"And I make a high school quarterback mistake," Marino said. "I'd made up my mind beforehand to go to Craver, so I throw the ball in the dirt at his feet. I lost this game for us.

"I could have had a TD," he said. "I should have had a TD."

Speaking of cake

They baked one for Miami coach Don Shula and had it waiting on the team plane to celebrate his 300th victory. But Detroit was not cakewalk team, and it will have to wait until, perhaps, Sunday's home game against Green Bay.

There goes the neighborhood

If Los Angeles fans don't like the Raiders' conservative offense -- and they are staying away from the Coliseum in droves -- QB Jay Schroeder has some advice for them:

"They're going to have to accept the way we play football. If they don't like the way we win, maybe they have to [move] to Houston and buy a home there."

There's no "W" in respect

It was the kind of loss that rebuilding teams often experience. That didn't make it any more tolerable for the Jets.

"Did we gain respect?" DE Jeff Lageman said after losing to the Bills. "You get respect by winning ballgames. We had an unbelievable game plan. It was just great preparation. We showed 20 different defenses for the no-huddle. But a loss is a loss. There's nothing positive in a loss."

Perhaps. But the Jets came a lot closer than anyone else in the AFC has to stopping the Bills in the last year.

New York's aggressive defense dumped Kelly 4 times and held Buffalo to 305 total yards, making a close game out of what was expected to be a rout.

"We weren't afraid of them," NT Scott Mersereau said. "We knew we could play with them. It probably was the best defensive game we've played since I have been here."

They said it

"It started out a little right, and the good Lord blew on it and it made it through." Browns PK Matt Stover, after his 45-yarder with 4 seconds left beat the Bengals.

* "I must have been asked 15 times if this was a do-or-die game. None of our players is going to die from this game. Nobody's going to not survive because of a football game." Bengals coach Sam Wyche.

* "The important thing is this football team now. That's what I'm concerned with." Dolphins coach Don Shula, when asked how he felt about failing to notch his 300th win.

* "I don't know, maybe he did it with his stomach." Bears coach Mike Ditka, after 320-pound William Perry blocked Matt Bahr's 35-yard field-goal attempt with 15 seconds left, preserving the .. Bears' victory over the Giants.

* "It's important for us to realize we did win. We still made about a million mistakes, but we're coming along." Denver QB John Elway after the Broncos withstood 4 Jeff Kemp passes from their 14-yard line in the final 2 minutes to preserve the victory over Seattle.

Tonight's game on TV

Chiefs (1-1) at Oilers (2-0)

Time: 9

TV: Channels 13, 7

Line: Oilers by 4 1/2

Injuries: Chiefs: RB Kimble Anders, S Deron Cherry (knee), CB Albert Lewis (knee), WR Stephone Paige (knee), CB Jayice Pearson (toe) are questionable; DE Neil Smith (ankle), S Charles Washington (ankle) are probable. Oilers: WR Pat Coleman (hamstring), RB Gary Brown (hamstring) are questionable; T Don Maggs (neck) is probable.

Outlook: The Oilers beat the Chiefs, 27-10, a year ago, primarily with Warren Moon's passing attack. Now the Chiefs face a double threat. Allen Pinkett has gained 100 yards in each of Houston's first 2 games, leading a running attack that is averaging 164.5 yards, second in the NFL. The Chiefs take a different approach to their running game with 260-pound Christian Okoye and his backup, 240-pound Barry Word. And the Chiefs are hurting in their defensive backfield, where they will need all the help they can get to counter the Oilers' 4-wide receiver lineup. Moon threw for 527 yards against Kansas City last season, second-highest total in NFL history.

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