9 men, 1 woman find places on Md.'s 'most wanted' list 8,000 fliers printed for state distribution


The list includes rapists, robbers and killers.

Most are in their 30s. Nine are men; one is a woman. Meet the members of the Maryland State Police "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" list -- the first one compiled with help from police agencies across the state.

The state police and the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association plan to launch a campaign today at the organization's annual conference to intensify the hunt for all fugitives by distributing the list with photos and descriptions of each suspect, said Col. Elmer H. Tippett, state police superintendent.

The names have been printed on more than 8,000 fliers, which will be distributed and posted at 600 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies throughout Maryland, Colonel Tippett said.

The selections were based on the severity of each fugitive's crimes and the length of time spent at large.

"We're hoping that anyone with information, if they hear a name that's familiar or see a suspect's photo, that they'll come forward," he said. Named on the list are:

* Randy Oliver Bullen, 39, wanted for escape in June 1980 while serving a 10-year sentence for rape.

* Frederick Desuzar, 32, wanted by authorities in Prince George's County on murder and drug charges.

* Anthony Francis, 37, wanted for escape in August 1986 while serving 20 years for armed robbery.

* Marlon Greene, 30, wanted by Baltimore police in three bank robberies. Police believe he may be frequenting the Cherry Hill section of Baltimore.

* Theresa Marie Grosso, 43, wanted for escape in August 1979, while serving a life sentence for murder. She is believed to be traveling with William Palm, also known as William Leno, who is also wanted.

* Andre Edward Lunn, 35, wanted by Baltimore police on murder charges.

* Larry Rudolph Middleton, 32, wanted in an armed robbery in Charles County.

* Michael Rugnao, 32, wanted by the Baltimore County police in a murder.

* James Edward Tasker, 27, wanted for escape in November 1987 while serving a life sentence for rape and sex offenses.

* Kent Daniel Tillman, 27, wanted by the Howard County police on charges of murder and attempted murder.

Anyone with information should call the state police Monday through Friday at 799-0190, or after business hours at 1-800-492-TIPS.

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