Head coach: Stu Hinch (second year)

Assistant coaches: Dawn Rathgeber, Kim Lindecamp

1990 record: 4-8

Returnees: Seniors Rachel Cassidy (D), TriciaKnopp (M), Brandon Leonard (F), Crystal Caplinger (D), Amy Moxey (D), Jennifer Rogers (M), Kelly Eaken (M);juniors Sarah Loper (F), Lanell Ward (G) and Lisa Williamson (D).

Newcomers: Senior Nika Allison(F); juniors Cindy Centers (D/M), Katie Magee (F), Melanie Mezan (F), Tonya Wetherall (M/F), Geanne Zdon (D); and sophomore Becky Mortus (F).

Coach's outlook: "We're going to develop as the season goes by. The key is that I'll have more scoring punch with Katie (Magee) and Becky (Mortus) as insiders and wings of Melanie (Mezan) and Brandon(Leonard) with speed on the outside. These girls have been playing together well, they rotate and they switch well."

Harford County Sun outlook: The Eagles have a very quick front line and an experiencedand able defense. The loss of Linda Hodges hurt the team but they can readjust, especially with the improvement of keeper Ward. The Eagles will surprise a lot of teams this season.


Head coach: Bill Zimmerman (sixth season)

Assistant coach: Rose Clark

1990 record: 5-6-1

Returnees: Seniors, Trish Pferdeort (HB), Linda Frey (HB) and Stacey Tytus (HB); juniors Jen Emig (D), and Lisa Thomas (F); sophomore Melissa Scharoun (HB).

Newcomers: Juniors Kristin Romano (D), Ann Marie Linette (D), Wendy Polek (D), Melissa Lloyd (F), Lisa Chapman (D), Lacey Schoenborn (HB), Becky Eickhoff (CF), Karla Rorick (G), Robin Rosch (G) and Julie Mace (HB); sophomores Jennifer Parr (D) and Linda Pomper (F); freshmen Jean Tyrell (F) Heather Lloyd (W) and Christie Hall (HB).

Coach's outlook: "Overall the county schedule is going to be tough but we dropped a couple of tougher Howard County schools so we should be better off than last year. Withonly four returning starters we are inexperienced, we're pretty muchstarting from zero. The ideal situation would be for us to go 8-4."

Harford County Sun outlook: With Bel Air returning but four starters from last year's 5-6-1 contingent, it will be hard-pressed to break .500 this season. The Bobcats are young and inexperienced, so look for them to take their lumps while building for the future.


Head Coach: Ken Dawson (sixth season)

Assistant coaches: Peter Griffiths and Carl Holston

1990 record: 10-5 (Lost state 3A-4A semifinals)

Returnees: Seniors Stephanie Bumum (HB), ChristieReam (HB), Danielle Rivas (G); juniors Jen Catlin (wing), Amanda McCulloch (FB), Szerensits Taryan (HB); sophomores Amanda Fouts (FB), Melisa Billings (HB).

Newcomers: Juniors Amanda Boch (striker), Katie Hatton (FB), Stacey Milton (striker), Sara Pokrywka (HB), Julie Smith (G); sophomores Stacey Murnyak (FB-HB), Cynthia Padilla (HB); freshmen Jaclyn Bangert, Karin Baumiller (FB), Kim Kallista (HB), Amy Morse (FB).

Coach's outlook: "We've been fortunate over the past couple of years. This year, we're kind of young, and it'll depend on how quickly we can gel. We'll have to grow up quickly. We've got better speed than in other years, but depth and experience could be considered a weakness."

Harford County Sun outlook: From early indications,the Mustangs will be able to at lease stay with the area's better teams. But what will count is how they fare against strong league members such as Joppatown and Fallston.


Head coach: Phil Everett (third season)

Assistant coach: Julio Ortego

1990 record: 1-11

Returnees: Seniors Amy Hetzel (stopper), Theresa Delgatti (CHB) and Jennifer Miller (LFB); juniors Connie Lemley (CF), Heather Sexton (RW) and Beth Brown (RFB).

Newcomers: Juniors Ann Marie Collins (LHB), Kim Clark (RHB), Monica Santana (LW) and Tracey Moretti (HB); freshmen Royland Kirby (sweeper) and Jenny Collins (G).

Coach's outlook: "I look for us to be competitive, but don't look for us to blow any one out. . . . I figure with some of the returning people we have and some of the experience we got from the jayvee, we could make it interesting. I look for us to go 4-8."

Harford County Sun outlook: The Rams kick off the season playing against some highly competitive teams from Howard County, and things don't get any easier forthem. Edgewood has some players back and some talent up from the junior varsity, but the light at the end of the tunnel might be a train.


Head coach: Nancy Ferguson (seventh season)

Assistant coaches: Donetta Languire and Betty Sheckles

1990 record:8-4-1 (lost in 1A-2A regionals)

Returnees: Seniors Jenny Colt (FB), Denise Sarver (HB), Kristina Lilley (HB); juniors Pam Toth (HB), Katie Kunsman (FB), Sydney Jenkins (FB), and Laura Rocchio (striker).

Newcomers: Senior Carrie Leonard (FB); juniors Shelby Worthington (HB), Sarah Sheckles (striker), Lisa Taylor (striker), Robin Davis (FB); sophomore Kristie Pugh (FB); freshmen Krissy Battenfeld (striker), Suzy Harrison (G), Lori Hesfley (striker), Joanna Roccio (HB), Laura Snyder (FB), Jinae Szerensits (striker), Jenny Weber (striker), Gina Penn (striker).

Coach's outlook: "We are very young. We're very small compared to some of the other teams, but we're above average asfar as team speed. We're in a rebuilding process. . . . We'll probably take our lumps early, but if we can go .500, I'd be happy."

Harford County Sun outlook: With such a young squad, the Cougars will more than likely wind up seeing some rough games from Howard County foes. A .500 season would be admirable.


Head coach: Herb Mason (third year)

Assistant coach: Phyllis Tayon

1990 record: 0-12

Returnees: Seniors Angi D'Elia (D), Ana Fernando (F), Colleen Grady (D), Cindy Sides (F), Margie Adkins (GK) and Courtney Raudenbush (D); sophomores Courtney Craig (M), Georgiana Davies (M), Wendy Gehman (D) and Chrissy Gilbert (F).

Newcomers: Sophomores Leslie Mathias (F) and Heather Swearingen (M); freshmen Beth Connolly (F), Cindy Fernando (M), Rhonda Hostetter (D), Melissa Hundertmark(M), Jamie Messick (F), Jade Thompson (F), Courtney Turner (M), Rhonda White (F) and Christine Williams (F).

Coach's outlook: "The front line is very fast this year and they all have experience. We've got a good keeper this year and that will help. I think we'll win some games this year, I really do."

Harford County Sun outlook: Gilbertand Sides are in their fourth year with the team and have the most experience. Goalkeeper Adkins returns to the goal and Raudenbush returns to the defense after not playing last season, which should be a big help. But this is a young team that needs a few years of playing together to really gel.


Head coach: Joe Rehrmann (ninth season)

Assistant coaches: Mike Beczkowski and John Stallings

1990 record: 12-2-3, won Catholic League championship

Returnees: Seniors Jen Lund (striker), Kristin Hughes (HB), Ellen Marr (HB), Maryalice Klopcic (HB), Amy Sabatino (FB) and Carrie DeCapite (HB); juniors Katie Nietubicz (striker), Anita Torbit (striker), Amy Dean (HB), Carlyn Gray (FB), Kristy Metz (FB) and Karin Olsen (G).

Newcomers: Juniors Christine Pascone (FB), Debbie McCurdy (FB), CarrieStevenson (FB), Nicole Sherrod (FB), Mary Trancucci (HB), Debbie Donovan (striker), Courtney Larag (HB), Mooregan Roz (HB), Mandy Sappington (G), Maggie Ward (G); sophomores Kelly Barnes (FB), Elana Morris (FB), Krystin Porcella (HB) and Beany Lund (HB).

Coach's outlook: "The key for us will be ball control and our passing game. Our defense is young but they're improving and we have excellent forwards."

Harford County Sun outlook: Playing a schedule that includes four top10 metro area teams, the Patriots are going to need more big numbersfrom Torbit and Nietubicz to retain their Catholic League crown.


Head coach: Dwayne Noe (third year)

Assistant coach: Kathy Wunderlich

1990 record: 10-3

Returnees: Seniors Thori Staples (F), Chrissy Maly (F), Jennifer Francis (M), Colleen Myers (M), Alison White (D), Missy Reichard (G), Mary Ellen Jones (D), Jessie Giordano (D), Kristin Goodman (D); junior Cheryl Ulrich (M); sophomore Brandi Frederick (F).

Newcomers: Juniors Amy Knepp (M), Tiffany Metzger (D), Betsy Faust (M), Jen Robbins (M/D); sophomore Lauren Glaze (F)

Coach's outlook: "If we can get our defense solid and looking good, we should have a good year. Thori (Staples) and Chrissy(Maly) were some of the leading scorers in the county last year. Thekey is the defense and keeping them out of our end."

Harford Couny Sun outlook: The Mariners have the talent and experience to make this year as exciting and successful as last year, when they advanced to the Class 1A/2A semifinals but lost to Loch Raven, 5-3. With Staples heading the offense, Joppatowne will be looking sharp but will needto control the middle of the field to generate that potent offense. Noe has nine returning starters, so experience is his biggest advantage.


Head coaches: Tom Berg, Ray Hruz

Assistant coach: Linda Shawkey

1990 record: 7-4-1

Returnees: Dawn Hale (D), Jessica Geczy (M), Amy Weitzel (D), Shannon Bracken (D), KellyHealy (F), Cary Murray (D/M), Tonnia Bruno (M), Heather Ledebur (F),Krista Doyle (G), Mitchell Dieter (M), Valerie Phipps (F).

Newcomers: Danielle Thomas (F), Rachel Tanchuk (M/D), Amanda Heagy (F), Carrie Liss (M), Heather Martin (F), Melissa Anderson (F), Christine Homa (M), Dawn Harrison (D), Tina Kidd (D).

Coach's outlook: "We think we'll be competitive. I don't think we'll get blown out. We'll be competitive in every game. I don't think anyone is going to run away with (the county title)."

Harford County Sun outlook: Despite the loss of five starters, the Hawks still have a decent group with experience. With Valerie Phipps out with a broken leg, possibly the entire season, newcomers will have to jack up their level of play another notch. The Hawks won four out of their last five games last year and continued that roll Friday with a 10-0 shelling of Randallstown. If thedefense can pull together and the front line stays healthy, the Hawks could push to the top ranks of the league this season.

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