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From: Karen Green

Forest Hill

I have listened to the news with great dismay for several days now, and I am angry and offended by what I have heard.

John Shotto was a friend of mine for many years. He was a kind, gentle and loving man. I know and love his children, his former wife and other family members. All of them are giving people and are a pleasure to know. Hischildren have become responsible citizens and continue to give back to the community by donating time and money to charitable and civic organizations.

If Jack's company is undergoing an FBI investigation, if would behoove members of the media to present that information when that search is completed. It would also be prudent to remember that a probe is a closer look and not an indictment.

It is irresponsible to malign a man who is not here to respond to innuendo or to directly address his detractors.

I cannot answer the implied allegations and I learned that in America, a man is innocent until proven guilty. Perhaps the staffs at the local television stations could be made aware of this precept.


From: Michael Korczynski Jr.

Bel Air

Carl D. Rogers' letter to The Harford County Sun ("Overpriced art teachers," Aug. 25), contains an illogical and inaccurate rendering of my position on art education in the elementaryschools.

His approach, to criticize and to convolute the ideas and decisions of others, does not explain how he came to conclude that funding for art educators "does little for the school system except cost the taxpayers."

I would like to understand the rationale underlying his statement. Indeed, if he would describe this rationale in areasonable manner, he could make a constructive contribution in succeeding years to the budgetary decision-making process.


From: Edwin C. Sokel Jr.

Mountain Road Defenders Assoc.


The Mountain Road Defenders Association Inc. has beenformed to oppose the application of T. C. Simons for variances and special exceptions to the current zoning laws, as applicable to the I.W. Jenkins properties on both sides of Route 152.

In the initial zoning hearings, we were successful in defeatingthe T. C. Simons application for these zoning changes.

However, this is not the end of our fight. The T. C. Simons Co. has filed an appeal of the zoning commissioner's decision with the County Council, and this appeal will beheard at 7 p.m. Sept. 17 in the council chambers.

Our intentions are to defend our interests in all appeals of this case because we believe that what T. C. Simons Co. proposes to do is extremely detrimental to our health, our quality of life, and is inconsistent with the character of the neighborhood.

I would like to thank all of our neighbors for their support in the past. Your attendance at the zoning hearings and unselfish financial support has proven this community can unite for the good of the neighborhood.

As I mentioned before, the fight is not over, and we must ask you again for your attendance and your financial contribution.

I ask you to attend the hearing Sept. 17, and to send a check to assist us in paying our debts for legal representation and expert witness.

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