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Barry Egolf of Sykesville is the captain of one of the Baltimore Professional Duckpin Association League teams from Greenway Bowl East inBaltimore.

The pro league was formed in 1961 to gather the top 60male bowlers in the Baltimore area.

Later it was joined by the women's division. Now, the women's league has 12 teams of bowlers.

The members of the league are draftedonto teams, similar to the drafts of professional sports. It is the only bowling league of its kind in the country.

The league is a non-profit organization that makes annual monetary and time donations to charities.

Egolf started bowling when he was about 10 at the oldSykesville Bowling Center.

Joe Rineer, owner of Mount Airy Lanes,remembers him.

"It was obvious that even as a youngster Barry wastalented," Rineer said. "As he's gotten older, he's developed those talents. He's learned how to win and, more important, he's learned how to lose.

"Now it appears that he's learning the mental game. He's learning that even with great talent, it still takes hard work to reach the top."

Egolf is geting there. Last year he carried a 147 average; he has a career high 242 game and a high series of 572.

Egolf bowls Monday nights at Fair Lanes Westview in Baltimore County and Friday nights in the Baltimore travel league and this year he'll bebowling in the Thursday night league at Thunderhead Westminster.

"I feel that I'm still improving," Egolf said. "My game is more consistent now, and I think that I have a chance to reach my goal of a season-long average of 150. That's what I'm aiming for now."

Bet he makes it. If not this year, sometime soon.


Mike Grata and Sarah Blum, members of the National Youth Duckpin Association, will be receiving awards from the YABA for the highest games bowled during the 1990-1991 season at Thunderhead Westminster.

Sarah, 8, lives in Westminster with her brother, Eric, and her parents, Michael and Cynthia.

The Blums are the owners-operators of the Blum Farm and chartermembers of the Maryland Organic Food and Farming Association.

Sarah started bowling in 1989 and carries an 81 average in the youth league. That high game is a nice 156; that's worth a medal.

And Saraheats her vegetables, by the way. In fact, vegetables play a big partin the family diet -- the Blums are vegetarians.

I can't guarantee high bowling scores if you eat all your vegetables, but it can't hurt.

Mike Grata is 12 and started the seventh grade at St. John's this year. Grata, a pretty good gymnast, has given up that sport to concentrate on bowling. And baseball. And basketball. And, this year, football.

Grata lives in New Windsor with his parents, Mattha and John, and his sister, Andrea.

Grata carries a 112 average in the NYDA league at Thunderhead Lanes in Westminster, and he'll be getting his high-game award for a strong 190 game. That 190 was the cornerstone for a great 460 series.

And these youngsters are still growing.


All the youngsters in the Saturday Youth Duckpin League at Thunderhead Lanes in Westminster are still growing.

And, as the following scores show, they're also bowling pretty well:

April Owings,girls high set, 306; Ben Johnston, boys high series, 236; Anna Snyder, girls high game, 104; Jerid Baublitz, boys high game, 96; Wendy Click, high girls average, 87; Ben Johnston, boys high average, 65.

The girls most improved bowler

was Cindy Owings, whose average went from 36 to 51. The boys most improved bowler was Jerid Baublitz, whose average jumped from 41 to 60.

Bowler of the season was Ben Johnston, who was 68 pins over his average.

Team No. 2 -- Cindy Owings, April Owings and Wendy Chick -- took first.


A reminder to the tenpin bowlers: Under a new rule, no bowling ball may be altered using sandpaper, ScotchBrite abrasive pad or steel wool once competition has started, even if that ball has not been used in competition.

In other words, once bowling has started, a competitor may not take a second ball from a bag and sand it before use.

It is permissible to use ball polishing machines and cleaning solvents, such as rubbing alcohol, at any time during competition.

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